Wednesday, 15 February 2017


2017 has started a little differently to all previous years.

I am commission free and organised it that way.  After surgery I am simply not comfortable enough.  Drawing is just what I do regardless of whether I sell or am commissioned so I have dug out my Mull Tup to finish as and when I can and would like to have a bit play at 3d work which can only help with my drawing.

3d work is so infuriating, I don't know how to sculpt!  I have the image and idea of how the structure should look and behave yet what I see in front of me is simply unrecognisable, how frustrating.

My jewellery design is going great guns, I enjoy it so much and working with David is about as easy as it comes. Managing my etsy shop is no longer bouncing from excitement to panic, I now just enjoy the adrenalin hit when someone buys our work. You just never know when you will get a sale so it is quite addictive.

Lets hope I have a wonderful mix of drawing, designing and attempting sculpture this this space.