Monday, 12 December 2016

Going great guns

This year I have really limited my art commissions to accommodate my own health needs however the ones I have drawn have been a wonderful challenge.

Had you asked me at the time that is probably not how I would have worded it!  One secret commission( for christmas so yet to be unveiled) proved very tricky.  Indeed the first subject, one of three, was restarted three times and once drawn the other two flowed like I had been unleashed.  On letting the commissioner know of my difficulties she found it spookily appropriate as the subject himself had been a tricky soul who took some time to settle and bond with!

I have one small commission to finish, another shhhh commission, that delights me.  Something about the bright shining face draws me literally in.

Whilst the drawing tends to envelope me completely whilst in the process I find the jewellery design both fast, invigorating and makes me strip down to the bones of a design.  It is also a delight to work alongside someone who I rely on totally.  All of my work is dependent on me and the jewellery design has been the first collaboration that is powered by a more dominant partner.  I may design however I am no silversmith so design I can I certainly can't make the design come alive ( baring using another method).  We work well as a team and its a process I have come to really enjoy.

I am surprised how much it has improved my eye and I have also shaken up my mouse like  promotional self.  I have always found it excruciatingly difficult to promote my work yet can happily promote others and because the jewellery is a collaborative piece I have grown.  The process of opening my Etsy shop was a challenge yet I enjoy the adrenalin hit when I sell a piece!

So I am looking forward to 2017 to see what challenges are brought to my door!

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