Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hark a change is afoot.

There is nothing like a change to open your eyes.

To see with fresh eyes just what you have in front of you.  I always thought I was the smell the roses kind of girl, spotting the little important things yet it seems it takes a jolt to really freshen things up.

I've had to slow it down, each foot placed and tested, walking with the little people no longer about slowing down so they could walk at their speed, it is as much a walk at mutual speed. The walks with the active guys has been a challenge in mental aptitude, what was lost in speed and distance is made up with activity and thinking games.  Any frustration is dealt with standing still taking stock and waiting until human and canine are back on track....

For so long now I have shared my walking.  Sometimes for training, other times for contact.  Then it became a form of security, a need for a safe of shared need.  Shared walking means more dogs, fun interactions and increased need for control.  We saw friends playing games and well trained interactive dogs enjoying the great outdoors yet always aware of how we appeared to others, both handlers responsible for their dogs yet also managing them as a group of fluid individuals.  How did other see us?  Maybe they saw numbers and breeds, insecurities and potentially fear inducing interactions?  We counteracted it with control, respect and never passing without pulling to one side and sitting calmly for anyone to pass.

The time has passed now though with new lives filled with new business adventures, baby and wife duties and I continue walking with dogs.

Now its my time for change and change sometimes just presents itself.  Fear of the unknown can be equal to the fear of continuing as we are.  So much of life is packaged and fitted into neat little boxes only to find it is so fluid it oozes out and continues its own sweet way oblivious of our protestations.  And protest I have!

Dog walking is a curious business.  Even the word Business seems incongruous to what we do.  Yet business it is, we walk to live and many of us live to walk.  For the lucky few we get to share our walking with dogs who are old friends, walking through life as we walk through woods.

So when the walking stops, does that mean everything I know and love stops?  Who am I if I don't walk or indeed draw?  What is left?  Well stripped bare you find exactly who and what you are.  Find out I will, as certain as what will be will be.

For many the change knocks them flat, all they work towards gone, in a flash.  I see people around me get up and reinvent who they are or indeed just find out who they are again.  I am lucky mine should be a mere blimp on a road well travelled, like many before.  What I come back to only time will tell and I try not control it or to fear it.

As the leaves fall ever faster off the trees and Hugo baits me to catch him I revel in the ability of life to continue on.

Keep on walking!

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