Thursday, 15 September 2016

Eeeh I saw her just sitting

I'm currently sitting, just sitting at the van.  Rez is staring, the kind of staring that he wishes had kinetic powers to make me move, when that doesn't work he will whinge and soon Louie will join in.  Bob is doing his memory walk, walking and walking just him and the field.  It's the only place he can just walk and as far as I've ever seen the only place he wants to just walk alone. Funnily I think of the aborigines, how they walk with their ancestors.
Still sitting I hear the pugs, Oscar and Hugo settle down for a nap, Winnie and Raymond are still playing mouth wrestling though I'm sure Angry Pug, Winnie wants her annoying little brother to go to sleep.
The wandering, sniffing and check ins are well underway whilst I sit and watch. I can see Louie is going to start a game with Rez then Charlie will join in.  Montanna gets to Rez first and Charlie cuts them apart as smoothly as any knife.
Louie is now playing with Molly whilst Rez and Montanna return to their game.
This fun little game play doesn't happen on a walk, they are all business, they focus on the new smells the new 'sights' they've all been friends for so long, we have all walked and walked for many years. 
So why am I sitting? Because I don't want to be a dog walker.  I don't want to just tire them out and toilet them. Not for me just the miles around the clock. 
I do all those things of course however for me I want to challenge the dogs, educate them and provide all the necessary ingredients for a fulfilled life.  
Their owners are their all. Then I fill the gaps and extend their world a little.
We went swimming on Tuesday, everyone should swim with their dogs ( if you can and like swimming and likewise for the dogs haha), just like lying in the grass as they roll just because it feels good.
I want to show them new ways to behave, new ways to cope and refresh old ideas. It might just be to cope if they are in a lovely big field with their friends and not have their nanny do anything but watch. Not to have their human DO something. You can see who they are by sitting. The people dogs hang about hoping for something from you, the independent guys slope off happy to do their own stuff and for some it's just being able to lie in the sun before a game.
I want them a little bored, it's not the end of the world indeed it's a vital life skill to be able to cope with boredom.  I want to see a bit of frustration, to face nail trimming when maybe they really don't like it. They may never learn to enjoy nail clipping but I can certainly teach them to COPE with it.
They may not even enjoy all of the dogs company, we all know a person we just don't like and can't think of why we have never liked them. Most of us are perfectly capable to dealing with it as long as we have the room to ignore or move away from that annoying way he gets too close when he talks to you. 
Some days I just walk and get them tired but rarely do I do that three days running. I want Harvey to play his favourite nose games or for Truffle to go fetch the frisbee at the end of the line that just happens to have my boy Flute on. 
To have them not go in a wild Frenzy when I open a van door, let them out for a wee without the expectation for a hike maybe it will be a hike equally it may just be for a wee.
What about to smell sheep and horses? Or to watch some kids play ball.  For me I feel no guilt not letting them join in, that is life, I just want to see them content to watch sit and know they will get out again later.
So if you see me sitting or hear about me sitting not walking come say hi. Watch the dogs with me and slow down. Only don't do what I'm doing right now, put your phone down!
Ask me who they are and what they are doing, only don't talk too much..... That's my job 😏

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