Thursday, 30 June 2016

Lest we forget

She rushes around ticking off her things to do in her mind whilst shouting down to her daughter to not forget the key.

Just as they glance back to check nothing has been forgotten she realises the old boy is wandering.  Argh she trots to the car to free up her hands and with a sigh she goes in and asks Bob if he wants out.  He thinks he heard something but all he can think about is he needs to go toilet.  He gets a fright when she pops her hand on his collar and shuggies him into the garden.  Needless to say little Milo is bouncing up and down excited at the prospect he might have a dash about outside and her face softens, eeh Milo makes me laugh with his silly grins and daft wiggle she thinks.

Bob relieved wanders for a sniff, eager for those fabulous smells. Desperate to get her daughter settled in she collects Bob asking him to hurry up, impatient and already wound up about the day.  Milo is dashing over already heading for the toy box.  He dashes back and forth with his squeaky toy whilst Bob is put in the kitchen in case he messes.

Back at the car Mother and daughter are both excited and anxious it's such a big step, leaving home for the first time.  The daughter can't wait to make her flat her own whilst her mam worries.  Will she eat properly, remember to lock the house up before she leaves and most of all will she see her daughter as much?

The boxes just need unpacking, the kettle is found and on, soon they settle down with a cup of tea an affection teary smile passing between the two women.

Soon enough she heads home both proud and sad.  Time passes so fast, she wishes time would slow down so she can savour those moments before they flit away.

As she walks through the door she smiles at the young dog dreaming and walks straight over to Bob. She normally winces at his breath as he comes close for a tickle however today she needs to be with someone who has been there with her.  The connection had faded along with his sight, it was easier to enjoy the daft antics of Milo, Making her laugh and enjoying the trip to her favourite woods. Bob just wants to mooch about taking in the smells and no longer gallops through the streams dashing back to bark for the ball to be thrown.

She hugs him close, revisiting those fun times and he leans against her grateful for the contact.  He starts to rub against her trying to get her to scratch that itch he just can't reach.  The sigh that comes from him, the little groan shows her she has hit the right spot and she smiles grateful to the old lad.

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