Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A short story....

He didn't even look back,  amused and only a little upset she smiled and our eyes met.  I was careful not to show how I was feeling,  his clear delight at me meeting him again made me glow inside.

It isn't always like this, sometimes they look back almost wistfully or even cheerfully and I just carry on always grateful for our snatched moments.  We have wonderful, delicate relationships where you enjoy those moments passionately but ultimately they are borrowed from another deeper love. A love that isn't yours to own.

We walk, mostly in silence, until I need to stop.  As I rest my back he leans in, his face brushes next to mine and the hairs tickle my cheek.  Some are tentative, others more forceful and direct.  Occasionally the hairs at the back of my neck lift as I turn and see her, the little one ( there are many) just watching me.

Once again we walk, more briskly now, feeling we need to get our hearts pumping and stop our minds from wandering.  Taking in the smells, enjoying the precious moments.  There are invariably funny moments when one of them tries to make me laugh, glorious nearly carefree moments where no one and nothing else matters.  If the phone rings it goes to voice mail, if people walk past we are polite and long for them to pass so we can go back to you and me moments.

We sit in the long grass and he moves behind me wanting the contact, he nuzzles into my neck and then his tongue connects with my ear, skilfully trying to seek my mouth.  She is there again, she may be small however there is an intensity to her, she is watching me.  She moves silkily towards me and pushes him aside and with a very practised move she pushes me over and slurps Tacky Trevor  Tongue straight across my face before diving on him for a game of chase.

He goes home spent, delighted to be back with his mam.  He may love his walks with his Nanny but his heart is where his mam is.

What were you thinking?
Today was time at the field being loved, entertained and yes slurped yak. How was your day?

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