Sunday, 17 April 2016

New Charity event

I thought it was time to support a charity close to my heart with a random act!

As many of you know Flute has a thing for his beloved horse Ella and hitches a ride when he feels like it so I thought it was time to see what we could do with it.  Ella is actually nicer to ride with the daft pod on board than on her own at times.  Now Jumping is beyond her capabilities at present, though with Ella never say never, so I thought I would make it a real challenge for us all.


Also known as Stressage.

Now for many it the sport you do after you give up jumping whilst others love it from the beginning however for me it is my nemesis.  It makes me so nervous, wondering if I will get lost and forget a movement or career off and leave the arena unannounced haha.

Then it would be a challenge would it if I found it easy?

Did I mention Flute will be on board whilst I do my dressage test, with a judge attempting to judge us on fluidity, partnership and accuracy of movements....finding a judge was no mean feat?

Anyhoo, we will be judged at the lovely welcoming High Plains and entertaining the lovely Jools Howard.  Check out her great place

We are currently at £377 raised for the Pet blood bank, a charity I chose in part because each and every dog in the uk could require their services should a nasty accident or illness happen.  The Pet Blood Bank always requires volunteers and support..

I hope you can support us in some shape or form and a £1 would go a long way to help support the charity.

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