Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Yoyo dogs and yum

Today was so interesting....

We decided to have yoyo dogs today, swapping long walks for short walks in multiples.  Not only does this wear them out it also really emphasises your recall training, your emotional bonds and their frustration control initially.

After toilet stops ( yes I know I am obsessed with them!) it was time to work on 'Do not eat Nanny or other hoomans when they have food or each other'.

Out came the fruit and also the yummy home made treats thank you to Tybaly Penfold's mam for them.
All we wanted to work on was being able to eat in front of the guys and gals however it isn't as simple as that.  Food is a very exciting resource for many dogs and of course not only do they have to restrain themselves with us eating they also have each other to deal with.

Of course our guys were not at all aggressive with each other, all those hours working on it has kept us all safe.  I could certainly tell who was used to being fed and who wasn't and over all they were actually better than expected.  Louie definitely got the gold star with bonios on it for his very good behaviour around food, well done Rachel!

Soon it was time to do Buddy and Bailey for some mixing and Flexi proofing.  Flexi's are not liked by many professionals and amateurs alike however they like lines have a real use as an aid and of course for safety so I simply choose to train against the very things people dislike about them.  one of those things are when they are dropped behind a dog and they spook or hurt them....so I train them like you train horse to pull a cart....well yet again they delighted us with their cool as cucumber behaviour and once allowed off with a short line Bailey rewarded us with lovely moments on attention and cracking recalls, well I never!

Carlisle and Rez, Rufus and Lolly went out together.  So Carlisle is walking testicles at the moment and being prickly with entire dogs, Rez is currently called Rezticles with his sex drive ( he is well mannered however he is certainly the lothario at the moment!  Then we have Rufus who is Mr Control and Lolly giddy annie.  They all know each other well and it was time to deal with the tension we see between the boys and Rufus's need to try and control any situation.....  With the start of the first mini jaunt Carlisle surprised me with a kiss whilst Rezticles stayed with me albeit still, the kind of still that is in preparation for strutting and posturing....

What ended up happening taught them valuable lessons with very little management from us, Lolly was playing with Carlisle and as he got rough she refused to play whilst still hanging around.....then she would run to Rezticles and play with him and everyone ignored Rufus who decided I was actually his best bet then Lolly would start playing with Carlisle.  It didn't take long for Carlisle to play more gently, lolly to have fun with Rez and Carlisle and Rufus was a treasure and had me all to himself.

Back and forth we went, each time recalling and popping back without a twist although Truffle did her 'slow walk to the gallows' then tried the ooh look in that bush I am wayyy to busy to go back in the van haha I love a girl who tries...

oh and last but not least.....there was someone else who got a gold star.....Autumn!  She found my first dropped van keys in years....luckily he were close and bemused 'sniffer' hound enjoyed her extra mini trip out....well down Carmen

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