Monday, 20 July 2015

Quiet Day

They are overrated.

You get up safe in the knowledge the school holidays allow for a brief lull that allows you time to recoup.

It'll be a breeze you think.

Not a chance.

You take longer than you should, the guys and gals shake their heads and bodies ( literally) instead of  that brisk sit by the door as you lock the door.

Once on the walk they are positively twitchy, quirky and worky sigh a long deep breath and wait.  Wait for their attention, wait for their agreement and mostly wait for the partnership to begin.

They watch the birds, they watch the people, the dogs, the air sniff the fabulous smells and they definitely don't watch you.  Give me a busy day I start to think.....

Its not like I had a date with the sofa with a magazine and glass of wine in mind or the chance to ride your spotted wonders in the beautiful countryside......

Of course its not because you just want to get it over with its a few different management changes.

A quiet day means we can go exploring and enjoying different walks, it means mixing less experienced dogs with more inexperienced dogs and it means you are in a more smell the roses kind of mood.

So no surprise the moods, new places and new friends sends them all a bit giddy!

Busy day tomorrow
yeehaw haha

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