Thursday, 9 July 2015

I can't even write the title

Sweet dreams, please leave Bracken and Porsche alone, spin like you've never spun before, purrrup like no other and most of all jump as high as you want even if you can't land......

I may write a blog about the boy sometime however the time is not now.

I made a promise to him and I stuck by it.  I made the decision whilst you were still Tumble.

15 years and boy what a 15 years it has been.  Never are you prepared yet we know it is always the way it is going to be.

Oh Tumble how quiet the house is, not to see that white spot behind the fire and never again will I see you try to drag a 27kg pod around by his throat or do your funny racetrack jumping all who lay in the way.

Bye bye Foghorn, Weed, Tumbleweed

Don't let anyone call him just a cat or we shall have words.


  1. Goodbye and R.I.P, Tumble....wee dog-wrangler and, above all else, friend and his mum's much-loved little boy! X