Thursday, 25 June 2015

The pen

Sitting with our backs to our vans we are watching the little dramas in our new pen.  All our charges know each other well, most have years of companionship and many of friendship.

Yet we watch tension and big shows of power and a little bit of sexy talk!

Rufus the control freak is checking the fence as is elsie however for completely different reasons. Elsie wants to hunt to see what's out there, Rufus well he is just disgusted at a new barrier, how very dare we!

Bailey however feels freedom she is playing with an unlikely new friend Raymond with a little bit of confusion when winnie replaces Raymond and bailey is oblivious.

Poppy and Esther are having a power struggle something I haven't seen for an age once friends poppy grew up and Esther started her hormone treatment. 

It only consists of looks, poses and struts.

Oh I can't tell you funny it is watching the play. Hugo and Raymond now Bailey and Lola Stan and Raymond even having a play. Raymond plays a lot doesn't he haha.

Well time to switch and let the new games commence!

Ready to come in after a drink

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