Monday, 4 May 2015

PetNanny Muzzled for DDA Watch

PetNanny Caroline will spend the day muzzled up in order to raise awareness of the dangers of using breed as template for temperament, encourage Deed Not Breed legislation and why muzzles are a responsible persons badge of honour.  
There are many reasons dogs wear muzzles do you know why they might?
Please sponsor me not only to wear a muzzle all day including eating, driving and THEN YOU CAN NOMINATE AND PAY ME TO DO THINGS WHILST IN MY MUZZLE AS LONG AS I CAN SAFELY DO IT IN MY DAY TO DAY WORK AND WITHIN A CERTAIN RADIUS. Autumn Cordell and Samantha Nicholson will be working as normal so the dogs will be walked and seen to as per usual and yes I will be walking dogs in a muzzle.

We can raise money aka cash, via a paypal button. They also have a wish list on Amazon if you would prefer to buy a product and donate direct.....this is an ongoing, planning as we go kind of event and as it only really involves me you can sit back and enjoy( laugh, cringe and/ or shake your head) but please don't forget to I need to practise eating cake through the hot can a straw take I wonder I do after all need my cappuccinos?!

So far my challenges have certainly been varied ( and pretty cruel I have broad shoulder hehe)

I have my first Challenge and donation

£10 to kiss my partner in my muzzle.....of course I will take photo as proof! Kim Leighton
£15 and the spaghetti bolognese : Cáit Thorpe I'll give you £15 if you will go and have spaghetti at an Italian Restaurant in the evening x

 Michelle McMenam donated £10 just for being me 

Sherleen and David Cuthbert £10 just cos!

Thanks so much for your donation from the wish list Cheryl Waddell

£10 from Lesley Robson

Elsie wilkie has challenged me for £1 not to tell her off for be a gobby bint on the day of the challenge just as well I will be muzzled hehe

Winifred Wilkie has challenged me to take her to her weigh in at Westway Vets in my muzzle. £1

That teaches me to keep my mouth shut. When I take Winnie to get weighed in I have to climb on scales first on all fours looking like a muppet....hang on I am DEFINITELY gonna look like a muppet all day...

 Ive donated a Kong  hope you raise lots Caroline. Deb Orah

Thank you so much for your donation from the wish list Helen Crosby

 I'll give £10 for a pic of mutts and cat xx

'I challenge you whilst wearing your muzzle to also wear a yellow t-shirt that reads 'I need space' and a harness.
If you do this I will donate £30'

 Eileen Locatelli donation of £10 thanks ever so much

I'll be donating via the Amazon wishlist on behalf of Mind Over Muzzle UK - and we'll run a competition via our page for our members to win DDA Wristbands (that we'll buy/donate for) IF you can drink a cup-a-soup through the muzzle!, Willow Gardner-Hall

I'll get something from the wish list. I challenge you to eat an ice cream flake and monkey's blood optional, Lucy V Elizabeth Johns

 WOW £50 donated for me to walk Jason Atherton's dogs at the Westway veterinary group surgery dogs ( hounds how lucky am I) whilst wearing my muzzle of course

May be we could get photo with you and Aston ( Westways again)

New challenge, designing a secret logo while wearing he muzzle and post photos haha lucky person getting THOSE designs! £10 Mini Pony Hire

£1 from Stan wilkie for a photo of him, me and a man in uniform....
Roly & Poppy have been plotting their challenge - they think Nanny should go in the van cage for her coffee break - if she is up for the challenge they will pay her 2 gravybones and a tenner

So are you happy to donate off the wish list or support me by donating 
Or heaven forbid....set me a challenge?


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