Wednesday, 6 May 2015

It could only happen to me

You mock

It's very true.

It started sadly and innocently enough.  A pigeon hit by car lying dead in the road with a crow taking full advantage of the unexpected meal falling from the sky.  Hating to see it lying in the road I picked up the pigeon and realised it had been a racing pigeon so took the leg ring details to send to the racing pigeon association.

Deceased pigeon was gently popped onto the verge, long grass hiding it from view and I carried on with the lads and the golden gang taking in all the smells and the disgruntled crow cursing me from the wall.  With the old boy ( Buzz) in tow I only toddled along to the end of the lane before heading back toward home.  Unusually Tips decided to find the pigeon and promptly stopped dead and ran to me, running back to the pigeon and back again.  Being of the slower variety I laughed at him 'finding' the pigeon he had seen me place in the long grass telling him he was a cheat he already knew it was there.  Then Flute shocked me by running to where pigeon was and barking at me.  Flute doesn't bark at stuff like that so I hurried up and realised the poor pigeon had been knocked out and was now alive and suffering badly.  Sadly due to the car collision and then the crow it was never going to survive so I had to dispatch it.

Once home feeling less than cheery I registered the pigeon with the appropriate association.  Though I wasn't particularly happy giving my address these days people take great care to protect your information so in order to fill the form and send it I filled it in.  Note to self: If your gut is doing the fandango take note.

Soon I received a prompt reply and I was a little taken aback that the reply had the owner of the pigeons full name, full address and telephone number.  Being nosey I noticed he was in hospital!  All thoughts of things ran through my head and I thought of this poor pigeon and owner .  The curse of the  internet means you can look up stuff instantly so of course I did.

Wow pigeon travelled from middle of Scotland!

Then I learnt what kind of hospital it was.

A secure mental health hospital for 'Patients are admitted to the Hospital under The Mental Health (Care and Treatment) **************** and other related legislation because of their dangerous, violent or criminal propensities.'

So now I was starting to worry....what if he got my full name address and telephone number?  Had I just killed with my own hands his favourite pigeon and he, at the first opportunity, was going to hunt me down( wouldn't take much hunting) to reek revenge?

Calming myself down I emailed the association and reassured myself I was being silly.


He had indeed been send everything direct baring my inside leg ( or would it be neck) measurement and they were sure he would be delighted to hear.

Oh goody.  What was I going to tell Mr Gumps it is after all his house....

With a poorly elderly cat to nurse through the night I pushed all psychotic thoughts out of my mind and waited for the reply to my last email asking, a little desperately, if they knew that they had send the information to a person who may have been dangerous, violent or have criminal propensities?!

I both chuckled and bristled at the cheery reply Pigeon fanciers are quite used to losing birds for a variety of reasons; it's a commonplace event unfortunately. It's not clear that the owner is a patient at the hospital - he is a paid up and active member of a couple of clubs.'  
Oh that is ok then cos if he is a paid up active member of the club he couldn't possibly be any of the above!

Well as I said earlier I am a little slow, nevertheless I soon worked out I had a number to ring so ring I did......I rang the hospital and was relieved to hear the owner was a staff nurse and I could actually even speak to him.  How funny....can you imagine the laugh they had over it?  It certainly made me laugh albeit a little manically.

So next time I find a pigeon in the road......

I shall tell the crow to get stuck in and move on very quickly.

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