Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Today's little adventure

Oh don't get excited it really wasn't exciting at all and I'm not even sure it was an adventure either but couldn't think of a better title.

I do enjoy a change!

This morning Izzy was having her heater removed which meant a new explore, new smells and a new view for me. Granted you may never choose to walk within an industrial area however where we are there are lots of green spaces in between and it is an area that is well walked by locals, often with dogs.  We passed many and you never guess what?  For the first time someone got their staffie to sit to let us pass, amazing, we are ALWAYS the ones to tuck in,  I was a little over enthusiastic with my thank yous.

The first walk was with my two having a good mooch only of course it wasn't a mooch it was a full blown squirrel watch then rabbit watch and even blackbird watch but hey we had fun.  Then out with the 'committee members' and I can tell you they weren't at all impressed with their walk choice despite it being nearly the same as the walk with the pods.  They had obviously envisioned open fields, lakes and woodland they got small pockets of grass, roadwork and car parks though they seemed a little more animated passing all the catering vans.

I had five out for a walk, three little people and two labs....we are walking along, me checking out people as they go past whilst trying my hardest not to stare, them marching long stopping for sniffs and checking out the daily reports left by those who had been earlier and we get looks.  Lots of looks, cars slow down, people smile, frown and point.  I sometimes imagine its because I am truly magnificent however I do think that is a little unlikely.

Wouldn't it be amazing or maybe alarming to be able to see what they think ( humans) when they see us?  And what the dogs 'see' when their noses and ears ( definitely with my two) are working overtime....Is it like Facebook for dogs or twitter for the likes of Carmen ( Autumn's new pharaoh hound has a penchant for bird chasing) or more like a wonderful technicolour assault on the senses?

After a walk through one innocent looking grass patch only to find us all doing the nettle dance we stuck to the car parks and roads enjoying the rhythm where we all match our speed and steps and walk as one, or at least two because Rufus walks his own path apparently.

Soon it was time to hop into Izzy and off we went again to have a meet up and walk with the louts and the hippo.  With a break looming it was deemed sensible to mix the three to make sure there are no holiday showdowns and they did a great job though I feel the Hippo should take up sledding or Cani-X he made my already brisk walking positively warp speed.  I do like to plan ahead and whilst they ain't likely to be buxom buddies there is nothing nicer than being able to o for a walk without feeling like you are doing the convict shuffle.

Next was Bernie boutique, a vain attempt to find skin on a hairy St Bernard who has missed a couple of grooming appointments....I did my own version of the haka and with my trusty committee mooching and playing I set to.

Two hours later four of the committee members had popped themselves into their beds in the van and only Charlie was left by my side as I lay flat on the floor trying to persuade my back it was able to once again be straight and upright.  Mila was positively floating on air and the birds were forming an orderly queue ready for their share of the hairy spoils....

Good fun this dog walking lark....now had a way with ya I'm ganning for a cuppa.

The Louts and The Hippo ( Poppy, Roly and George)

Charlie last man lying down

Pods spots squirrel
The Committee members
Rufus, Tallulah, Wobbily
Willow and Charlie
Wobbily and Rufus

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