Sunday, 8 February 2015

The wonders of dogs

For the first time in an age we had a meet up at Petnanny.
Three humans
border terriers
german shepherd
welsh terrier
village dogs

Kath from Just4paws and Autumn who often joins us and indeed helps us when needed from K9-5.

Autumns guys and gals are used to many of our dogs and have made friends along the way.

Friday was a drop it off, don't forget and why not kind of day.

One field, our own three professional handlers and their charges.  We worked out who could go out with who, popped leads on and started walking.  Such social creatures we enjoy the catch ups and of course the same can be said for the dogs!

From Pugs to Ibizan hounds, spaniels and poodles, labradoodles to Shepherds and pretty much everything in between.

I watched with fresh eyes and truly saw how special it was.  Kath's Stanley, a huge labradoodle playing with Guinness the bulldog, when did Stanley become so considerate to a young testosterone fuelled bowling ball learning to play? Yet played they did, each matching their power to suit the game....finding the rules and making them up as they played.  Lucy the lurcher trying to control her environment before letting go and running, running until she didn't need to run anymore.  Heart pumping, lung busting running that soothes the lurchers nerves so soon she is playing and smiling.  Chance unable to keep up teaches her she can run from pressure, if the game becomes too much she simply cruises into sixth gear and returns to start again.  Chance knows and slots back into the game until she once again cruises away.

Raymond the birthday boy watches bemused as Sooty the poodle gads about then play bows.  Bemused no more they dash off different styles, it has to be said, with Sooty a little like a demented rabbit and Raymond  working his little sumo moves.  Black pug and black poodle enjoying a very different walk at a different speed to Stanley and Guinness.

Sasha is a rough player more like a boxer than the spaniel that she is yet she can't quite find someone to try her moves on, Holly the welsh terrier is a mirror of her and it makes her change her play.  She plays a polite version of her usual game and you know she is having fun with Tallulah and Holly, new playmates who seem to know what it is about.  How so when they've never met?  Well of course they are educated in the ways of dog.  Playing has rules, fluid and flexible.  Where the name of the game is to let off those pressures and worries to stop being perfect for the children in the household and the confidant of the adults.  We all know that pressure don't we?  Where we are the 'wife', daughter  and boss rather than Caroline?

Then we have little book huddle, the ones who live for the news and music of life.  Happy to absorb a new route, new view and new news.  Not for them the rough and tumble of life, maybe they are the ladies who lunch rather than the nightclub junkies?

The only tension is ours.  Amazing they might be yet we don't have the luxury of being able to simply sit back and watch, we conduct our orchestra.  We watch Kato and Guinness two personalities that could clash, allowing polite meetings and introductions, giving time for a potential friendship to blossom rather than spoil.  It takes time and time is what Guinness needs to become educated and polite.

Autumn's Carlisle the lurcher find a new pal and likely long term friend in Chester the spaniel...the kind of friend you meet now and again and slip straight back into the friendship.  They run, jigging and swerving no contact just running a complicated invisible course, bereft of any other distraction.  What did Carlisle see in Chester?

Ember is hyper aware, a dobermann who needs to watch, focus and worrywart.  She is a typical bully and we expect her to dart from bullying to hiding behind nanny and she does neither.  The girl is growing up!  The lead is popped back round my waist no longer needed....

Rez the entire Viszla shows us how much he has learnt, holding still when a learning dog makes mistakes, no more will he throw his taunt body around.  he plays and mingles not one dog holds his attention, he flutterbys back and forth and only slips up when he demands attention from Kath, slamming, wriggling and pushing soon earns him a brief spell, the briefest moment on lead until he once again whizzes back and forth with Chester joining in.

Bobby chocco lab and Willow carry on their funny little love affair, it's an illicit love affair where he has to share his love with Fergal, the brash lad who manages to catch her eye more than the quiet Bob. Today however Fergal is home with daddy day care so he can enjoy mooning over her and enjoying the fleeting nose kisses she gives in between dashing about with her new pals.

The other labs stay with their usual friends happy to have newbies join in but not being tempted away by fresh blood.  Tallulah and Robbie rag each other terriers through and through excited by new faces yet enjoying family time, once again surprising me.

Breeze the cocker, Megan the cockerpoo and Sooty the poodle make me chuckle by hanging out, before Sooty defects to romp with pugs.  Was Megan at home with her 'type?!

Roxy runs for all she is worth joyously happy with the freedom, Elsie and Winnie gravitate toward her and they form a loose happy group running when Roxy's legs need movement then sniffing as a group in between.  Two staffies and their pug friend happy to hang out.

Did I even mention Rosie yet?  Rosie is completely blind and the difference in her this time from last time is oceans apart and all credit to her and Kath.  To see a blind spaniel blend, mingle and play with a host of dogs is testament to all dogs ability to overcome.

With so many creeds and personalities, ages and needs I wonder why we as humans struggle so much to simply be with our own kind.

We worked so hard to get to this point and have so far to go however I am relishing the journey so far and makes me look forward to many more years to come hopefully.  Even with monument poop scooping duties!

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