Friday, 5 December 2014

Pod Blog

There is a few things everyone should know about Pods:

Podenco Ibicenco or as many people know them by, Ibizan Hounds

If you haven't had one you really don't know what they are about.  I fell into that category, they are not lurchers, whippets or greyhounds.

They are addictive and rarely do you have one

Many are owned by artists and photographers, if not you are likely to turn into a photographer!

They drive you spare and they drive deep into your heart.

There ears ping back up if you hold them down, which I do, constantly.

You MUST have a sense of humour.

So here we go photos just because you have to if you own a pod or two.  My pods had their relatives come to stay for a bit of socialisation, training and just because.

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  1. I am going to do a "what you need to know about Criollos" blog soon and will be stealing one of your lines for sure "they are addictive..." ;-)