Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Continuity, impact and what do you know?!

Dogs never cease to surprise me, I never know if that is a good or a bad thing to be honest.

Though today was, by most standards, a fairly ordinary day it had a certain impact on me.  A trip to the field with Autumn from K9-5 joining and helping me I received a welcome phone call from a previous customer.

Bella was found as a stray and she was so very similar and yet so very different from their previous dog.  We helped to find the inner pet in her and she enjoyed a social life most people would envy.  Her mam and dad are now retired so Nanny care isn't needed on a weekly basis though that certainly didn't end the Petnanny relationship there.

Jan and Colin had a wander down to our field, we were on our way back up the hill ( our field is 8 acres of grassland with a small wood and underground stream in the corner, edged by hedgerow and wood) to meet them.  To see Bella unleashed, belting down the field to join her friends is a sight few people could ignore.  In true cheesy movie style our guys ran toward Bella as Bella ran towards them.  I was delighted with the mad hello who can compete with canine friends!?

Colin has parkinson's whilst he walks comfortably for miles he inevitably moves differently, a slightly jerking swaying motion. This was to be an interesting walk in the field......

Winnie of course woo woo'd at Colin however she would have done that anyway, many of the little people briefly said hello with Oliver and Poppy throwing themselves on him with enthusiasm ( mmm our feet on the floor training working a treat there then eh?).  Mr Darcy walked round the field then he stopped dead and barked, walking backwards in that classic OMD he is new 'keep away I tell you' way, why did he start all the way down the field?  He is a chihuahua, this means he has to see over the grass and like most dogs their noses take over their sensory attention before sight, once sight and a better view kicked in he realised Colin was different.  If Colin tried to say hello once calm he started again.  I could see why and why being such a little person made it more say hello Colin had to bend forward and that was a movement that created a certain jerk to a little dog that must seem seriously overpowering.

Stanley was true to form and barked and barked, we interrupted and then he barked some more ( later when he though it needed to be reiterated the little wassick) then we were delighted to see him relax and he even refrained from barking at the people on the line.

Lottie was somewhat bemused and like many dogs who appear anxious the constant checks with us ( with us laughing or smiling each time before moving on and not meeting her eye) she soon decided there was far too much fun to be had with her pals.

Montanna however became flirty!  I have only seen her like that with entire dogs, she has a specific dance and flip of her head when she is around entire dogs and she was doing the exact same thing with our human guest.... Aren't they just a hoot I swear I could see her eyebrows working away!

Why didn't Willow worry?  What made Mont so giddy rather than her suspicious bark?  What do they see that we simply couldn't see and more importantly what do they pick up, smell or sense that we will only guess at?

Whilst I watched the human-canine interaction Bella had reacquainted herself with her BF Louie, they ran to each other and soon the games began: running, catching, spinning mouth wrestling and gentle body touches each knowing their part of a game only they played.  Absolute trust with a touch of excitement and likely fear though fear too strong a word.  Truffle and Esther have the same bond in play they intrinsically know the rules, they know when its too much or they can push more.  Two dogs from different homes and they met due to the owners mutual need for help.

I know I am a dog walker to many yet there is an impact, a continuity and a parallel moment in time we share.  The dogs share a special environment where, like us, friendships are made and occasionally lost.

We can walk the same walk many times in a year, over the years or any given day yet what do you know you introduce one new thing and the energies change and its like you don't know them at all.

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