Sunday, 28 December 2014

Ba Humbug or necessary warning?

What is Christmas to you?

I bet this question asked 100 years ago would've produced very different answers though the fundaments of what I long for will have been the same.  Sharing time and gifts with family and a break from the day to day work related stresses.

Christmas comes with all the peripherals now, the parties, alcohol, presents and decorations.  All seemingly harmless yet for some it simply isn't the case.

Why is it that public holidays highlight what you are feeling?  Loneliness only amplifies, loss brands your heart deeper and hotter.  When accidents happen they seem worse, remembered year after year like a new bad tradition.

Well this year could have been the start of a new terrible tradition of loss.

You hear and heed the warnings though never really believing it is a warning to you.

Your dog and you.

It started innocently enough, a nine year old dog long past the days of chewing.  Being left for while on his own, hardly a new occurrence.  An old Wreath left hanging where many wreaths will have been hung before.

Was it the time they left or the new house that made this year different?

Irrelevant questioning that is like a ear worm, ever present and unwanted.  The senseless questions that will never be answered and so far luckily will soon disappear because the ultimate loss was missed my a mere whisper.

You already know what happened don't you?

He ate the wreath.  Not all the wreath indeed who knew he ate the wreath rather than just chewed it up?  The evidence was plain to see once he threw up that piece of wire.

Wire, gulp.

He groaned and whined yet walks were a welcome routine and food yup food is just grand thank you.

Until he was sick with no rest.

What became a niggling worry was soon a full on emergency.  Dehydration was the first emergency to be dealt with, he put on .5kg overnight with just fluids before being prepared for surgery the next day.

It soon became apparent the wire was not only in his stomach but further down his digestive tract so it wasn't going to be a simple operation.  The good news was no perforation.

The first part of the operation went smoothly but an X-ray was  required to find out if all bits of wire had been found.  Unfortunately the X-rays showed four pieces remained so back in they went.

His recovery is very much blessed, he after all came through the operation and the dangers of having 30 plus pieces of wire in his body.

The pain, panic, fear and distress over a token gesture towards a religious event.

He is recovering slowly, as I am sure the owners are with every healing milestone.  Next year I recon the decorations will still come out, just not within reach..

Take heed,
Take care
and it could happen to you.

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