Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A picture can mean so much

Commissioning a portrait can stem from many different motives. Nearly all are to be a celebration of a love, a part of our lives shared by something or someone.  They can make you smile and cry yet their role is to transport you back or to capture a moment you mustn't forget.

This portrait was to be a celebration of a physical love lost yet love that will be with you forever. One picture will transport you back not just that moment but many memories all intrinsically linked to each other.

Then we were to add a piece of art within the art to celebrate a skill. This skill was perfect as it added depth to the portrait and was so appropriate for the subject, lending more of a story.

A chance inclusion has ended up being so emotionally charged and so very important I even feel it has a relevance all of its own.

No longer just a celebration of a skill now a celebration and acknowledgement of something great.

Life is simply cruel 

Yet life is all

Better to have loved as much as they have than never to have loved at all.

Goodbye my dear, you who are loved so dearly and always, now a kindly black furry face helps to transport us back to you. 

And I promise to call it a paddle not an oar xxx

Tobermory and his paddle

More to follow .....

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