Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Couldn't organise a ......

There are indeed times when I don't feel I could organise a drink poos in a brewery however times are a changing.

The shop is up and running, I have had my first sale( New Zealand)....dum de dum dum I am ready and waiting for an avalanche of orders now haha.  Etsy is a curious thing as it involves more skill than I possess, sales and promotion have never been my natural skills so I have a sharp learning curve.  Seat belt on, white knuckles at the ready I feel I may be chugging along merrily rather than hurtling a great speed.

Designing jewellery has been a true delight, it has taught me to focus on just what is necessary for a design to work rather than put everything in.  Having only the responsibly of the design is a delight rather than for everything though the Etsy shop means I have more to do than just design it.

Justine Wilkie from Piccadilly Pooches has now come on board with her designs and bit by bit we will be adding to the range.

A little adventure into selling will be a nice little side venture wonder what it will look like from the other side of the virtual counter?

Flute is helping us out by modelling....I think he is taking this very seriously and is working that camera for all he is worth! Here he is modelling the Piccadilly tag collar.

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