Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ask away

After swimming in the lake this morning( the dogs not myself) it was the perfect opportunity to work on the guys and gals toilet stops.

To wee on command,  as discussed before, is simply invaluable as is a dog drinking when asked.  So armed with six dogs who had played, swam and drank loads of water I stopped off a high footfall area for them to stop for a wee with many distractions.  Most are pretty good now so I can add distractions and difficult circumstances.

I don't walk far otherwise they learn to hold on to their widdle in order to explore further, so standing I encourage then to have a 'wee wee' as I say.  Whilst waiting for Polly to find the perfect spot a lady walked straight up to me and said what many people must think on these occasions.

' So do you just drive around in the van and let them for a wee and that is it?'

Well I was delighted, I love opportunities like this!

So I explained briefly( for me)what they had done this morning( their busy social calendar) introduced her to the guys and gals and explained why I stopped, what I was doing and teaching.   She was really interested and went from being quite sharp to asking more and more( fatal with me haha I really can talk the hind leg of a donkey).

It wasn't long before she started to shift back and forth clearly wanting to say something I might not want to hear so I braced myself.......

'Eeh, I am desperate now all this talk and watching them have a wee I need one myself and I am walking to Chester!'

Haha not what I was expecting however I know exactly how she feels cos whilst toiletting the guys and gals its inevitable you need the loo too but have to wait till our charges are comfortable.

I much prefer forward people who ask outright, especially if they are willing to listen than people who form an opinion without understanding what our dog life entails.

I call it my scenario list:

So this is the,

'Eeeh that Petnanny drives around all day with the dogs in the van and only lets them out for a quick wee' scenario!

I recon I can have fun revealing my scenario list, whatdya think?

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