Friday, 20 June 2014

My name is Caroline Howlett

My name is Caroline Howlett and I am addicted to sharing.

I can't even blame social media, I have always done it and often at the most inopportune moments with the most inappropriate people!

Social media has merely allowed me to do it more.....

It seems like if I can't photograph it, tweet it or Fb it maybe it isn't worth doing.  Once I was a person in Pelton who worked alone, went home alone and socialised alone( an oxymoron if I ever heard one).  My views had few people to bounce off and meant not a great deal to anyone.

Now I FEEL my views and opinions reach someone.

Who though?

Now there is the crux of the matter.

And why?

Oh hang on a minute there's another thing.

Mmm will have to mull this one over.

Am I Petnanny Supernanny or Caroline/ Petnanny?  Pah who cares all I know is what I value in life is what I need to value on Facebook.  So I am having a spectacular clear out( oh lordy I can feel a head between my knees moment, fanning my clammy brow), a good tidy up and a major cull.

Why now?

I once had a stalker.
He never hurt me.
Yet it shook my little world.

I also had an imposter.
She never managed to hurt me
Yet it shook my little world

I have a lurker ( or ten hehe)
I have no idea if they will hurt me
I can't let it shake my world

Maybe I am stroking my ego by making my Facebook profile a little 'we like Petnanny club'.

My next plan is to have time away from technology.  Gulp

Did I mention my addictive personality?

I am going to take my last blog seriously and remember my life needs attention too not sharing always with half a mind on my technology fix.

To acknowledge why I use it:

 Tami Simon, of Sounds True, made some insightful observations about her instinct to pull out a piece of technology. Others from the panel chimed in, creating this list:
  • For stimulation
  • For confirmation of importance (as in, I got so many emails, likes, comments I must be important!)
  • To connect with other people
  • To have something to do when anxiety creeps in
  • To find an escape from the rawness of an experience or to feel in control
  • time to be me
I am going to have just me time( I have a lot of that after all I have no children) so that time could be just lying on the floor hugging the Pods or Tumbleweed

Will I stop sharing?  Not a blooming chance.

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