Friday, 20 June 2014

My name is Caroline Howlett

My name is Caroline Howlett and I am addicted to sharing.

I can't even blame social media, I have always done it and often at the most inopportune moments with the most inappropriate people!

Social media has merely allowed me to do it more.....

It seems like if I can't photograph it, tweet it or Fb it maybe it isn't worth doing.  Once I was a person in Pelton who worked alone, went home alone and socialised alone( an oxymoron if I ever heard one).  My views had few people to bounce off and meant not a great deal to anyone.

Now I FEEL my views and opinions reach someone.

Who though?

Now there is the crux of the matter.

And why?

Oh hang on a minute there's another thing.

Mmm will have to mull this one over.

Am I Petnanny Supernanny or Caroline/ Petnanny?  Pah who cares all I know is what I value in life is what I need to value on Facebook.  So I am having a spectacular clear out( oh lordy I can feel a head between my knees moment, fanning my clammy brow), a good tidy up and a major cull.

Why now?

I once had a stalker.
He never hurt me.
Yet it shook my little world.

I also had an imposter.
She never managed to hurt me
Yet it shook my little world

I have a lurker ( or ten hehe)
I have no idea if they will hurt me
I can't let it shake my world

Maybe I am stroking my ego by making my Facebook profile a little 'we like Petnanny club'.

My next plan is to have time away from technology.  Gulp

Did I mention my addictive personality?

I am going to take my last blog seriously and remember my life needs attention too not sharing always with half a mind on my technology fix.

To acknowledge why I use it:

 Tami Simon, of Sounds True, made some insightful observations about her instinct to pull out a piece of technology. Others from the panel chimed in, creating this list:
  • For stimulation
  • For confirmation of importance (as in, I got so many emails, likes, comments I must be important!)
  • To connect with other people
  • To have something to do when anxiety creeps in
  • To find an escape from the rawness of an experience or to feel in control
  • time to be me
I am going to have just me time( I have a lot of that after all I have no children) so that time could be just lying on the floor hugging the Pods or Tumbleweed

Will I stop sharing?  Not a blooming chance.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Is there anybody there?

When we are out walking we don't actually see that many people, when I am driving I can't help but notice people out with their dogs ( I am a confirmed dog stalker!).  It fascinates me just how distant many owners are to their dogs.

There are the usual suspects, mobile phones though more often or not it is life that is making them distant from their dogs.

I wonder how many people got themselves a nice dog to allow them to walk away their life problems whilst out with them then bring them along on the dog walk.

Then we have the old dog draggers, what is that all about?  Revel in the old guys, love their slow uncoordinated legs, the vague moments where they stare into space and chuckle at them stopping yet again to sniff.

We walk and we have to stop thinking.  Not for us walking the dogs with bills and MOT's on our minds, with boyfriends or families on our minds.  We have just one thing on our minds.  DOG.

Call it therapy, call it work dedication, indeed call it what you will.  You've got to be there and I mean really there.  We of course need not only our minds on the job we need eyes in our bums!  Who will play Hugo's game if our minds were elsewhere?  Who would watch out for Chance running ahead to pee that little further and a little quicker than his companions or Rez and Sirus competing, that all important moment we can ask them to 'chill it boys' rather find a minor spat has happened 'out of nowhere'.

Being sighthound trained( i.e.: trained by sighthounds) we see the rabbits and try to lie to our guys and gals with our bodies, 'what rabbit we don't see that rabbit to your right honest we don't'..... or the roe deer who is standing wondering whether to flee or freeze.  Watching the dogs noses going, the ground scenters, air scenters and those who are more concerned about producing the scents.

Who cares what is happening in the real world, when you can stop and watch the guys sniffing at a blade of grass and wonder what they smell and see in their minds eyes.  I revel in their need to burn energy wonder why that childish urge seemingly disappeared many moons ago.  Why would it go when it used to be so much fun?

I don't just do this at work I have learned so much from Flute the Flitter.  Not for me the simple clip the lead off and walk, oh no not if I want to return home with a Flute in tow.  Not when there are mice, rabbits, hares, foxes, squirrels to chase no I hunt them with him line in hand harness taking the strain at his end I am taut with tension waiting for the explosive moment when he spots his quarry and I start running squealing with part fear part excitement at the sheer strength in those scrawny limbs....running like a toddler just about toppling hanging on by the skin of my teeth.  He doesn't complain that 10st of lump is slowing him down, well actually he does Flute the Flitter is no stealth hunter.....he forgets I am there he just knows these mythical creatures have superpowers they can run at warp speed and excite him in a way I simply can't compete.

Once done he turns back to me massive beaming gape panting as much in excitement as a need for oxygen.  And all because of a line and leaving life behind we have had that moment together.

Then Tips and I go mouse hunting.....oooh the tension, will he find a mouse or a hare.  Hare is forbidden fruit one which he knows nothing of he just knows they run, twist and turn creating a fabulous game one that has been played for millennium yet can mean life or Tips doesn't get to play that game and instead hunts mice the quarry of many a cat and owl.  He walks practically goose stepping, a certain kind of point he does that tells me he hears yet knows not yet what it is.  Will it be mouse or bug....oh yes trust me when I say he can hear bugs in the long grass.

We live for the moment he leaps, prongs and dives into the's as addictive as the hunting itself I wait poised for the leap, disappointed if he doesn't.  The constant tug and war of don't catch the mouse it's just trying to get on with life versus go catch it my boy!

The happy face of a being living an instinctive moment everything that makes sense to them playing out in a walk.

Not for me thinking of bills or who was hard done by or not.  Not for me worrying about if things will work out as I have planned or worked towards.....


For who would notice Hugo's funny little game....

Step outside of your life if just once a day and stand patiently whilst your dog sniffs that incredibly important smell.  In his short life it means so much more than your silly worries.

Happy walking!