Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sometimes walking doesn't help

You walk and the simple process of putting one foot in front of the other walks you away from your tension.  You walk away your fears and silliness that bogs us down.

You can walk to still your mind, to absorb all that nature has to share, to merely smell, view or enjoy the wisp of a breeze on your face.

Only we walk and the tension increases, you take all with you and it becomes a heavy burden.

Your mind swirls around with thoughts you want to fly away, banish and batten down.

Yet I don't own any of this I am a mere spectator carrying only a droplet of what is borne by someone so close and dear.  It's wrong, it's cruel and its utterly isolating.  Help we may, empathise we try, cry tears of course yet we can never truly be part of it.

Utter hopelessness is something we will have to get used to until a day should come, if it comes, when another emotion shall overpower.

I truly long...........

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