Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Like a window

I like to be a clear as clear can be.  Bit like a window, mind that said, most of my windows are in serious need of a good wash!

Now where was I?

In 2014 we started an interesting ( insert scary as anything) journey and it has been a injection of reality.  We have carried on with our mission and missed much of what has been going on in the world.  With peeled open eyes we have seen all that is happening and tried to embrace it and it is paying off.

So we are three
well really we are two plus one
For many years now there has been Sam and I plus one, a great balance of extra help, mutual need and a fresh look on things.

The plus one now is Autumn and wow what a girl.  A shy girl with such inner strength yet I saw and heard the doubt and yet she had only herself to convince.

Well there is now doubt now!

K9-5 http://k9-5.webs.com/ is her business and I have seen it blossom into a great fledgling business, she is learning so much along the way and we merely support and entertain her along the way.  Autumn has drive and it shows.  Starting a business at 21years old with all that is put in her path, I am sure she will face some tough times, we will disagree and struggle to balance her business with our business needs however I couldn't be happier.

This does of course mean we have to balance a few balls, mix and match a few things and see how it pans out.

What does all of this mean to you?  Hopefully not a lot.  Autumn is helping us cover out holidays and our weekends anything else she can help with is a bonus.  We like being a two plus one so less dogs, take on the odd dog for training which keeps us fresh and up to date with our training and a more fluid business.  What we have found most interesting is how well all the dogs have adapted to our changes of routines and yet how hard some of our customers have found it.  Like us they found the small change hard to deal with so we are working on more flexibility and less rigidity, as we know dog training isn't just about training the dog!

We are very lucky to have a fabulous variety of dogs and customers, I wouldn't swap them though I know in time things change.  Here's to the continuation of an interesting journey and we all have one goal....the best possible care for your dog!


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