Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Jewellery commissions

Between immersing myself in dogs ( at times I come very close to being literally immersed in dogs!), drawing my commission pieces I am doing great guns with our Jewellery commissions.

The advantages of the jewellery designing are being able to do a design then leave it with David Baggaley to work his magic (http://www.custompendants.co.uk/shop/4574693597/Caroline-howlett) and it also means I learn how to loosen my style, focus on what details are important to include and more importantly the stuff I can leave out.  Now that is something I need to learn!

Here are a few of my recent pendants:

Missy the cocker with that fabulous eye patch

 Montanna the stunning white gsd
 Jess the gorgeous Yorkie
The fluffiest Papillon I have seen what a character

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