Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Framed and rehomed!

Katie the Cavalier looks lovely in her frame and has been sent to her mom to join Pepe- Cavalier['s Feathers.  Katie had an obsession with feathers and ended up going to Positively Pets-http://www.posipets.co.uk to redirect her passion!  It meant she could still enjoy feathers however she had to work for them and it was controlled.

Of course once I knew about this I had to have feathers in her portrait and of course her previous portrait had hidden feathers in so hidden feather it was.  Whilst having the freedom to choose your own style and type of portrait is wonderful it is also a little overwhelming.  How on earth do you catch the essence of a dog in one portrait?  Having Joanna involved in the process helped us achieve exactly what was wanted.

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