Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Normal stuff

It truly is the normal stuff I love.  I do get bored of the same routes and the same games the dogs often play yet I don't get bored of the dogs, the new things they throw at you and the interactions.

Today was such a day where I wanted to revisit a walk I often used to do.

Now this usually means madness and borderline mayhem, new smells new routes and the excitement that brings. So we choose our walking partners with care balancing entertainment and company with level headedness and steadiness.

Well we threw that away today and just got out who we felt like though obviously the gimpy ones weren't included in the equation and we simply walked, not our usual march a slow steady take in the smells and sights kind of walk.

It is truly amazing how dogs pick up on the funny ways of humans.  It is so easy to underestimate and take for granted what 'dogs' do yet you only have to know each one to know they are all pretty amazing in their own way....oh and utterly infuriating at times but then it would be boring otherwise I am sure.

We do the poop and wee checks( not so much smell the roses moment), and walk watching for triggers or moods that may mean we have to watch for a flare up or be more supportive.  Pixie and Martha are hormonal hetties so we are not only watching them like hawks we are watching to make sure no one bothers them as hormonal bitches definitely cope badly with anxiety or emotional stress.

A quick photo stop then Lola and Ember start eyeing each other up.....

Lola has a gaze that could burn holes in titanium, Ember spotted it and we just knew what was gonna happen next......Ember bum slaps Lola, Lola screams and chases her which is pretty hard to do when Ember hasn't moved far because she is spinning like there is a huge flea on her tail.....of course by now Fluffy can't resist a bit aggravation so dives in aggravating Lola who like the skilled gamestress she is fettles both without turning a golden hair.

Now at this point I did have to remind them that I was having a calm walk and as they were with me THEY were having a calm walk with me can you believe it they did.  Seriously they just stopped mooched and age each other the eye and trotted around the corner.  Ah ha I know what you three are up too and sure enough Ember was spinning and lola was thrashing fluffy Ember silently.  Anyone who has walked with Lola and Fluffy realises this is not something that happens.  When Lola plays she gobs off.   Funny how they can be quiet when they are doing something they shouldn't!

I often fear for my aim to be even half a step in front of them.  Sam and I chuckled at them before continuing along tootling happily.

I left Nanny Sam to continue her walking and headed for my lunch after having done my first walk at 7.30am!

My first walk was a funny one as I had The Terrorists, The labraspecialadors, The Louts, The Little Big Girls and Leyla.  Well not Leyla as she was still in bed.  This meant only one thing, Lake time!

There is nothing The labraspecialadors love more than the lake time, The terriorists and Louts love the hunting and lake and The Little Big Girls just love the interaction.  I have to say I love to watch them leap off the dock!

The lone goose and swan pair barely flicker now when we turn up so it means we can happily take over the lake I know Poppy had designs on the goose but not enough to take a dip without it being heated first that girl likes things warm.

Unfortunately for Wobbily he can't keep up with Poppy so when she ran round to the bushes to hunt coneys he followed and then found we were on the other side of the lake.

What to do?

He ran in circles of course!

So with one eye on him and the other spare one I laughed and dodged the flying water spray as they guys and gals swam or whined at the ones swimming.  It wasn't until I saw the lone goose swimming away and realised Wobbily had decided to launch into the lake and join us.  Oh lordy I had images flash into my mind of me stripped down to my knickers( OH NO no matching underwear when will I take my SIL's advice to NEVER leave the house with underwear that doesn't match)and jump in to the frigid water to save a wayward wonky wobbly....

Sheesh I should never underestimate dogs....Tugboat Terrier ahoy! For a little dog who doesn't know how to run straight all credit to him on his epic swim he was as straight as an arrow.

Well that is it for today time to get them out again for afternoon mooches and for Rez the gimpy to go explore another garden in the vain hope it will entertain his active mind and body whilst on restricted exercise.

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