Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Committed to a paint a pretty picture?

Committed to paint a pretty picture?

No not I.

In all seriousness if you would like a picture that pleases the eye you need to look at my art rather than hope for it with the dogs.

My life would probably be so much easier if I just said everything was lovely and fluffy, birds tweeting in the sky, ickle puppy dogs playing together, the glorious smells of the countryside and not one of the dogs ever getting anything wrong.  

Of course it is all true baring the last one.

Heres the thing.....

We are committed for the long haul.  Our ultimate aim is to have the hardest thing of all to achieve....a well rounded pet dog that has all the strategies to cope with their life no matter what changes happen throughout their life.  Oh and to earn enough to keep everyone going.

So why can't we do both?

Because life just isn't like that.  I will try and break it down because being simple soul I like things nice and simple.

Can you guarantee your life will be the same for minimum ten years.
Not a chance I would never have thought I would be living with a MAN.  That isn't to say I was expecting to be living with a WOMAN either but I thought a six month relationship was phenomenal!

Can you definitely say you keep everything the same all of the time day in day out?
Urm apart from anything else why would you I am about as homebody as you can get( without the house tending talents many of those people have) yet I can't think of anything worse than doing the samething day in day out. YAWN

If you went on holiday or needed someone to watch your dog would your dog be able to cope?

There are a hundred more things I could list( my cogs need a little more WD-40 for that mind), though I am sure you get my drift.

So we don't pick up your dogs to take them for a glorious walk in the woods with the sole motivation of tiring them out because that would be way too easy, no we try and set your dog up for life....Life after PetNanny, shudder.

Life Skills:

Dogs are the ultimate when it comes to being malleable yet so many seem utterly limpet like when you ask them to do something new or change their routine.  They train us to accept it is just the way they are.  They revel in routine so much so that we stick to them like Lola to a bottle.

We learn our dogs behaviours so well they become their funny little ways....not realising we are making them that way.

We are told by those who know ( I wanna be one of them one day.....only the type who really know not the the who think they know) that dogs must have exercise must  blah de blah de blah.....

Just as well dogs haven't read those rules are we would all be in trouble.

Well here's what we do. ( sometimes we fail a little, succeed a lot and sometimes we do a bit of both)

We teach a dog how to learn.

We teach them to share, cope with other creatures wanting their things and how to cope when they want something so badly that they would happily rip their competitions head clean off ( ok maybe a teeny bit of exaggeration there).

We gently break it to them that whilst their world does revolve around them ours does not ( pssst don't tell them we are actually paid to attend to their every need I know at least ten who would learn how to snap their paws!) that they share the world with many other animals and people who are as important as them.

We teach them that they can 'probably' have anything they want if they can just hold on for a second or two, or do a little trick for us first....frustration control is a magical thing.

We teach them that bullies aren't appreciated, squealers to not be quite so theatrical and social tarts( I mean butterflies) not to be quite so Velcro like.

All of this takes planning, forethought, dogged determination and a certain amount of urm whats the word resignedness, resignation urm no idea I am sure you kind of get what I mean.  

So when your dog has been named and shamed don't feel bad, don't feel you are failing just see it as getting more than your moneys worth and be safe in the knowledge that all the times your dog wasn't named and shamed they are marching toward brilliant life skills.  Actually come to think of it I haven't named and shamed for a while....I shall have to put that right!

If you would ever like to know what we aim to teach just ask's quite a long list and you are dumped for coffee and maybe a biscuit or three.

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