Sunday, 2 March 2014

What a wonderful PetNanny week!

We have certainly have an amazing week one of our busiest due to all our newbies starting the same week as our two non regulars!

Times like this you really appreciate not only accommodating customers, established and truly great long term dogs, our own experience and always working below maximum capacity. 

Everything went smoothly fitting in training for Devon, separate visits for young Weimerarner Monty and big sis Jazz, puppy day care for BellaBoo and Stanley then introductions with BellaBoo, Stanley and Oliver.  Beau our irregular dog fits in so well and our guys love having him for a bit of excitement.

I must take time to say thank you to Julie with Takoda who gave me a week off from helping with kodes rehab walks so I only had Mila's rehab to do it really helped us out.

Our newbies are going to fit in so well BellaBoo is going to be a challenge, jury is out on young Stanley haha and Oliver is a real treasure. Monty is a true Weimerarner and is struggling with frustration control and jazz is lovely and calm though as of yet we have no idea how they will be until they mix.  

They will be a real compliment to our guys, potential friends and playmates.

We say goodbye to Izzy who is no longer moving!  I'm delighted to say she is leaving for love...... Her mom has met someone so they will share the mammy day care oh izzy will be so happy.

Wish us well at crufts I do giggle at the very idea of Flute and Tips being ambassadors for their breed at discover dogs at crufts. 

I can't wait to show our banner a photo that makes me very proud indeed.


  1. Is Izzy the lovely greyhound? Have a great time at Crufts :-)

    1. Yes of sorts she is the gorgeous brindle lurcher. She was moving unfortunately it was not to be so she is staying up here but her new partner will be able to do mammy day care and a little partner for Izzy too!

  2. Good news - I loved her :-)