Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sorry isn't the hardest word, goodbye is!

I am getting used to the word goodbye.  Getting used to dogs moving on and not knowing what they are doing, how they are getting along and all those little snippets of their lives you used to be part of.  

You have to remember you were privileged or lucky, or indeed needed to be part of their lives for that moment in time.  In our case it gets harder as we are now used to having the dogs in ours lives for longer the longer Petnanny operates.   

Their giddy faces, their funny ways.

Yet it is all good if you can say you have been a positive influence.  All vets agree in their 'vows' to 'Do no harm'( not sure how vets justify this when they are responsible for the animal testing etc that still continues to this day) yet I want more.

I want to be able to say we helped.

Of course we are also lucky to be have customers who genuinely want the best for their dogs and are willing to commit financially to their welfare and wellbeing( many of course do without using a dog care professional) so we know those dogs are happy at home with loving owners and great lives, regardless of how long they use us which helps when we say goodbye.

So we say goodbye to the guys we have learn to love, laughed at and with and walked many a mile with and hello to the newbies a very necessary part of earning enough money to live, pay for ongoing bills and updating of vital equipment and training.  To get used to those new faces, their own special ways and in time learn to love.  Find out how to motivate, train and reassure, how to balance that delicate relationship with owners and of course introduce them to the dogs of Petnanny.

This time is a little different as we are introducing more than we would normally as we rarely have more than one space at a time.  I was in no hurry happy to wait, yet as is usually the way the 'perfect' dogs( recommended by customers old and new directly, people forget we like recommendations not just new owners needing recommendations about us) have come along together!  

Three puppies and two adults from three families is an exciting challenge.....Hopefully lots of blog time haha good or bad.

I want to take this opportunity to pass on my regards to a lovely lady who has had some awful health news which has meant she has had to cut down at work.  Our thoughts are with you and don't forget if you need us just shout.  Sometimes you say goodbye when you are needed most.

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