Saturday, 8 February 2014

So much to learn sixteen years on.

How many times have I felt that burn, the heart pounding sensation when you know you have to deal with something that you would rather just went away?  Now I am not the kind of person to hide away from something difficult but that doesn't mean I like it, far from it I just know from experience it won't go away until it is tackled, dealt with and moved on from.

So here goes!  Stand up tall, deep breath and

Alex has set up a dog walking company and three of my customers, sorry four of my customers are using her services.  There it is said, once written down it can't be unwritten.

Ok the sky hasn't fallen in.

Ok maybe the odd person will wonder what we have done wrong, I can deal with that.

Has my pride been dinted, a little I guess but then that never does anyone any harm.

Now for the interesting bit.  What have I learnt from it and what happens now?

2014 has undoubtedly been a shocker and yet I am feeling so very positive that I have learnt so much from it that it was a shocker that was very much needed.

I genuinely want to continue in the same way as we have for sixteen years, evolving and improving but essentially the same.  I had become a little tired ( thank you Dr Taylor I shall forever be in your debt though not literally I should have you paid soon I promise) and this has made me rock back on my heels and work out what I want from Petnanny not just what everyone wants from me.

Sam is as much the future for Petnanny as I am and for as long as it lasts we are a team, Petnanny is a we.  Throw in Autumn and we have a nice cushion for the we and also help set up Autumn with her future, a future she has already started planning for.

We want to learn more and experience more so that is easy to book and with tweaking we can have some fun too.  So being a team albeit small, more training and taking time to review more.  We want to really appreciate and enjoy the luxuries that come with loyal customers, regularity and freedom to choose our path.

My ethos to ensure dogs benefit long after they use Petnanny is still at the fore and of course safety above all else can not be compromised.  That means some training instead of all out fun, balance is key and constantly reviewing that that balance is met.

So onward we shall go, as they say at the end of films no one was hurt, hard done by or killed in the process.  Lots to look forward to, so much to be very grateful for and is merely the swings and roundabouts of life!


  1. Read this to Mark and he wondered if Dr Taylor was your drug dealer ;-)

    I suppose the positives are you have never been short of customers and while you are unwell you can have a few less and when you are better the deserters can be replaced.

    I understand the gloom, of course I do, we got shat on again this year, I allowed myself the end of December to say "feck it, giving up" - January to be gloomier than Eeyore's backside and February is about picking up the pieces and kicking on again.

    1. Haha you do make me laugh Laura. I feel far from gloomy which, given my temperament at times, is remarkable. Yes I do believe things happen for a reason and the timing was actually perfect though at the time it didn't feel it. One advantage of being unwell was not noticing the weather and just getting on. That and the dogs seem to have been on a mission to be the entertainers I don't think I have ever appreciated or laughed at their antics so much in my life.
      Funny how dogs know.
      Hang in there there is light at the end of the tunnel, the nights are getting lighter and we are plodding our way through winter! When spring comes we shall do a merry dance or maybe we shall send Mark and Mr Gumps out to do a naked dance whilst you take photos!