Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Don't tempt fate

My dog day started with Willow being so keen to go to school she knocked my middle gate off and it crashed down and gave me a delicate bump on my forehead!

My dad promptly told me on arrival that it was clearly gonna be one of those days and cheerfully I explained it most certainly was NOT gonna be one of those days I didn't have time to have one of those days and headed off to collect the remaining four dogs.

On arrival poor Martha instead of greeting me wallaby style( think pogo stick with a manic grin) she was clumped on the floor and clearly really poorly so between her mum and I we sorted emergency vet and Off I went.  Only I didn't really head off just like that cos when I got into her 4x4 I couldn't find the clutch and the gear box was double dutch.  Mmmm an automatic great time to learn in new car, when you are heading to vet with a collapsed dog and didn't know where the vet was.

I tried reverse (R?) as I was pretty sure whilst it could change its own gears it would be unable to drive over my van.
So I tried N.
So I tried D and I moved only closer to my van....urm at least the brakes worked the same as normal.

Now once I had pressed the brake now the reverse ( R) worked so off we tootled driving like Miss Daisy only slower.

Off we headed to Llyods pharmacy and waited until a nice person asked me if I was lost( whilst sweating furiously under the sheer wait of the little dumpy one in my arms) and showed me where the vets were.  Phew

Did I mention Phew?

Once at the vet he examined her and agreed it was tummy pain and promptly stuck the thermometer where thermometers go in dogs.  Unfortunately that set the wheels in motion so to speak and as she evacuated her bowels we found ourselves evacuating the room.....

Phew eeeeee

Once in the next room I felt heartily sorry for the vet assistant who cleaned it up.  Injections given I picked her up and off we headed, only I was so focussed on getting her to the vet asap I couldn't remember where I had put the van.  The street I thought I had left it in it wasn't.  Urm maybe that was because I had come in Julie's vehicle and there she sat waiting patiently.

Automatics aren't so bad but my left foot still worked away as if there was a clutch and it took me a whole to work out what P was for ( park).

Time to do the walks and funnily enough all had lost the ability to wait, stay in the van and definitely didn't know what sit was.  So the halcyon days of gloriously well behaved dogs has finally passed and time for a bit of reality haha.

I have to say one of todays highlights was seeing shaggy little monkey Moomoo turned into slinky pug person with her new hair do she was on fire showing off to all and sundry and had a great time winding up Lottie and then Rez.  Isabelle didn't quite join in in her enthusiasm but she did enjoy showing Lottie what good manners looked like.

The other two who made me laugh were Rez and Winnie and the outer casing of a tennis ball they found.  There was only one way it could go with a large entire sporting breed and a small lap dog in the shape of a pug.  He huffed he puffed, he stood over her pushed and bossed her about and needless to say she took the casing off him and proceeded to show him up whilst parading her new found trophy.

Soon the walks were done and all were finally calm and happy.  So off I went to do the another rehab walk with Takoda and in time drop offs...... whilst walking Kodes I caught up with a couple of phone calls and one of which was from the non existent Northern Rock.  I did laugh when the 'lady' got stroppy when I wouldn't give out any details over the phone and said I would deal with my own branch when I chose too."HA! she shouted that shows what you know they don't have any branches anymore" and promptly hung up after I told her to ' Trot on'.  I do wonder if it would be easier for them to just get a honest job and work for their money?

My last visit to pick up Martha and give her her meds and make sure Maddi had another toilet break was rudely disturbed by someone opening Julie's back door.  Startled I rushed to see who it was and Maddi by now was really creating.   A bloke in a white coat( I thought the moment had finally arrived hehe) asked me if I wanted any fish whilst foolishly trying to stroke Maddi who by now had gone very still and started to emit a low quite menacing growl.  I didn't like it at all and was a little alarmed by noticing he was sporting a rather unusually fashioned ear.

Once he had gone I noticed there were three more blokes in the street going into peoples gardens and two of the other blokes also had 'chewed' ears shudder.

Their van was a clapped out transit with no refrigerator unit and was filthy so thought it might be worth giving the police a ring and just as I jotted down the registration number a face appeared at my window of the van and he just looked straight at me.  Oh lordy I nigh on pee'd myself!

I was so grateful a neighbour had spotted what had happened and I managed to talk to him as if I was meant to be visiting them too and thankfully they had a cat so hopefully lended a bit of plausibility to my randomness.

Once out of the street I phoned the police so hopefully the non fish fish sellers in white coats won't come for me......eek.

Excitement for me is being handed a bag of minstrels and a hot milky coffee or sliding down the snowy slope n my backside encased in waterproof trousers so I will be happy to avoid the type of excitement I have had today!.

Well time for me to head off I do hope young Martha is feeling a bit better by tonight and back at the vet tomorrow morning so wish her luck and I will keep you updated on her progress whilst the vet thinks it isn't a bug or virus it is better to presume it is and see what happens.

Time to get the jobs then a sit down in a darkened room!

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