Sunday, 12 January 2014

Prepared to be shocked

I have really struggled to have something to say. Now anyone who has met me, walked past me or knows me well this is something I do not normally suffer from! The problem has been self censorship going wild in my head. It is very difficult to write honestly if you know it will affect or upset people, to say something that whilst not new to you and indeed you have been here so many times before you get deja vu yet for that person it is a steep learning curve. It also means you then stop learning so I shut up and watched. Recently my life has been odd. A few simple though incredibly frustrating incidents has turned my relative security upside down. You toddle along in life with your own filter turned on then bop the filter is turned off and you see life for real. It isn't always pretty it definitely isn't fair and it is just the way it is so my filter is back on but it is no longer soft focus! Whilst sitting here I am watching a wonderful man called Ray Coppinger. He is a dog professor. I love to hear him talk, the seminar was the best I had been too and it reminded me just what dogs are. I haven't met many type of dog really. I met our kind of dogs, working lurchers and terriers and gundogs, a few sled dogs and of course herding dogs. I don't meet stray dogs anymore, no latch key dogs and definitely not those dogs around the world that are in many ways true dogs. We all forget just how hard life really is in our pampered though stressful lives. I often wonder when I am home just how benefitial our relationships with dogs are we are after all dictators in many ways yet when I am away from home and out with our guys running, jumping, playing and living such wonderful lives I don't doubt how benefitial their lives can be. Do dogs have moments like I have when their filters and security are removed by events out of their control? Of course they do. How do they cope? Like us it depends on the dogs themselves. Saturday was Autumns first day as Nanny Autumn. If only you had seen Elsie and Stans faces?! They were bouncing from 'yeh out for fun' to 'hang on a minute just who are we going with' and back and forth it went. It swung even more once we asked them to jump into the strange car though the adrenalin and fun was propelling their legs forth! Just because they had met Autumn doesn't mean they trusted everything else, I have no doubt if Autumn had been in the van they would have barely given it a thought. I miss the learning. I of course learn stuff everyday with the dogs whether I want to or not haha but I long to learn more as is Nanny Sam so that is our challenge. We have Holly training us and that is so exciting as she works with us to train your guys useful and useless fun things. Then I am aiming to learn more about tracking, with my two in my endless quest to tire them out and fulfill their endless drive. Then there is the theory.... My brain appears to have a fault....I recon when I learn something new something old falls out somewhere so I am gonna refresh some of that old learning hoping it will make some of the useless stuff fall out. Right my mutterings are coming to an end. I am actually looking forward to updating you on some of the doggy comings and goings, I can't promise it will be funny I definitely can't promise it will be interesting it will just be mutterings and hopefully not munterings!

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