Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Been a long time since I have felt like blogging

So proud after all this time I have finally saved up and have bought a proper private car( off Mr Gumps)....first one I have had, well it is a Trooper but it is still my first!  So nice to leave the van behind ( I love my transits)it feels a little more civilised.

My first van was an old post office van ( a bright blue ford escort E98 EBB) and I remember vividly receiving it as a gift, I bet Karen Howlett my sister in law can too haha, as I cried and cried and cried, reading out the cards whilst on the phone to Karen the cards read:
Happy birthday, Happy christmas, happy birthday, Happy christmas and they were on a long string all the way round onto the next door neighbours drive.  Being the simple person I am I couldn't quite work it out.  My parents had bought me the van and it was all dressed up and waiting for me.  I was given some bright orange vinyl sticky sheets which I cut out so Baby Bluebell sported exotic fish a breaching humpback whale and I think a dolphin of course I had a clydesdale on the back too.

Then when Baby Bluebell was becoming infirm I then bought a white van with alloys which didn't last long when I took a dog on to get him used to vehicles.  He wouldn't go in a car after the two cars he had travelled in crashed with him in it, well our first journey together someone ran into me and wrote it off, luckily we were both fine and no I never transported him again.

Immediately after that I got UGLY, Ugly was brilliant an ugly lada estate that would run beautifully as long as you didn't go on motorways or long straight roads, I actually made a profit when I sold Ugly to a guy who wanted to deliver locally I warned him to not  have any thoughts of driving off into the sunset with Ugly.

I moved onto a Nissan sunny hatchback to keep me going with my dog walking until I hunted down a van. The van duly arrived Vanny the nissan vannette cargo caged out and a delight until you had to do the water and oil, the dipstick was located under one seat and to fill it was under the next seat now that was bad planning.  This was my first real van with livery on I loved driving around with the drawings on the side!

Soon I needed a bigger van and Lily ( Lily Savage a trannie)came along wow £10,000!  Big money for me when I only earned £5000 a year and ran my house, van, three dogs, a cat, two horses, three guinea pigs and a tank full of fish, the business oh and me to support.  Lily soon sported four photos with the dogs I walked on them, Jake, Monty, Naz, Hiedi, Taz, Swift, Sky, Grace, Buck and Eddie and Grace.  This was also the first van I had my Back off bitch on board sticker.  Before the time of digital cameras I used up a whole roll of film on catching just the right picture of Swift....and how did I get her looking so mean and full of shiny teeth?  Swift hated a bath and all I had to say was ' I am gonna put you in the bath' and we always had a kiss straight after her fierce looking toothy grimace.  Lily lasted until the year before last and I was sad to see her go though equally excited to have Izzy ( Eddie Izzard a trannie) and then we went a tiny bit bigger with Veronica( long story best not shared on here hehe).

So I have always travelled in vans with a very brief moment or two in cars which could hardly be classed as luxury travel.

Now I need a name for the gold trooper, a wheel cover with a drawing of my girls and boys then decorate it with a few nicknacks.  How exciting.  Thankfully my wages have improved somewhat too! I do wish I earned what people think I do mind........

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