Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A truly hilarious day

I am not known to be a woman of few words I shall today however allow the photos to do the talking.

Thank you ever so much for taking part in our day.  If you haven't donated already please donate no matter what the amount it helps.

 Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma
 Bo Peep and her Sheep
 A rather tremendous dog walk pose
 Cabbagelike hehe
 A very competitive egg and spoon race
 Little red riding dog
 You had to be there
 It isn't just about the dogs
 Goldilocks shall go to the ball
 The usual suspects?
 Little bo peep choosing a better mode of transport than her legs
 Itsy Bitsy spider regrets the humane spider catcher Miss Muffet got for her birthday
 Lady and the tramp?
 Marley from Mini Pony Hire takes his babysitting duties seriously
Didn't even dress up hehe 
 Recall went well then 
 Aren't mothers just great
 Princess on the pea?
 It looked so promising...........
 I recon no one has even noticed the dogs!
 Sam truly is the queen of hearts
 Be afraid be very afraid
 Scooby made an appearence
A family affair 
 We are ready for the off
 The posse know how to travel
 let the games commence
 Three bad blind mice
 Little man Tink strutting his stuff with his new friend
 Old mac donald
 Oh the shame
 There's trouble in the Kingdom
 By gromit
Did you enjoy that?

So far we have raised £418.75 for The Kennel Club Charitable Trust and 
275 Euro's for Ibizan Hound Rescue

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  1. I think the costumes are getting better every year :-)