Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lanky Git

You would think in the laws of averages we should have a fair few accidents.  Just because of the dogs we walk, the fact they are fit lively dogs and the very fact we have them out longer.

It is actually, thankfully, pretty rare.

Not rare enough though sigh.

Put two big lanky gits together and there is indeed a chance things could go wrong.

It did.

Fast moving huge lump of a Great Dane and a skinny boney clueless Ibizan hound sniffing merrily away.  Murphy does try to be careful and I always fear more for us than for the dogs, indeed more often than not they run INTO him.

Oh the screams as Murphy ran into Flute's bottom and in a flash I was ever so grateful he had at least had his curly tail down low or I believe it would have been snapped back over his back.  Our other guys were so worried with all the noise and it took quite some time to give them cuddles and reassure them.

Well that was over a week ago and after two vets visits and an Xray Flute is improving with his once limp tail rapidly improving though his pelvis and back will take longer.  We are now at the ARGH stage of healing.  When they feel well enough to be bored and tormenting swines.  For example disappearing from the well fenced garden....5ft foot plus a hedge in front and 7ft on the other side.....yup muppet decided the great escape needed a new airing luckily he was soon recaptured and imprisoned once more.

His walks consist of stalking, mainly imaginary rabbits but it certainly has me on edge, as many of you already know Ibizan Hounds feel every wall, hedge and bridge needs to be looked over and as this usually involves jumping standing on hind legs or balancing on hind legs it is currently banned. You would think I have hobbled him, it is simply killing him.

We had our first trip to the field on lead of course and he was very steady so was allowed time off lead mooching and the first thing he did was walk to the gate and stare at the girls.  I hadn't even considered he hadn't had his daily visits to see his friend Ella and as soon as she saw him she trotted over and they had me sniffling at their lovely hellos and nuzzle of each other.

Everyone who has tried to keep any energetic animals calm during enforced rest knows they can come up with ingenious ways of entertaining themselves and I have braced myself.  I was delighted when he started to gently play ball games with himself, rolling the ball back and forth and grumping and talking away in pod talk to it.  He is even playing well with his brother lying flat mouth wrestling.

Needless to say there are the things that aren't so welcome like his delight at fetching socks going to a whole new level and has become a fully fledged obsession along with knickers preferably worn.  Nice.

Then there is the gate opening....the iron gate is no match for Flute and now he chooses to toilet right next to the cars in the drive rather than the dog garden so I spend more time looking for dollops and Twit features who has also realised at night the huge hedgehog likes to pass between the van and Mr Gumps Car. Unfortunately it took me three nights to work out him asking to go out wasn't for his necessary duties and more for some lighthearted entertainment being a hog harassor luckily the hedgehog is a seasoned campaigner and much to Flute's shame doesn't even bother rolling up at Flute's manly barks from a distance of course those spines are as sharp as they look.

So I have decided being the supposedly smarter species it is more than time to start entertaining that brain with more clicker training and it is a hoot as many of his preferred behaviours he can't do which causes a degree of frustration so he actually has to listen or try something new!  The trick I am trying to teach him at the moment is so very appropriate so watch this space with a bit of luck the lanky git and I will have something to show you!