Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fat camp imminent sigh.

                     13th June            31st July

Harry             29.5kg               30.10kg       0.60kg increase no worries as he drops weight

Montanna      34.25kg             33.60kg       0.65kg loss well done!

Harvey                                    24.5kg         Really needs to lose weight

Poppy            11.75kg            12.35kg       0.60kg increase

Roly              11.90kg            12.85kg       0.95kg increase

Jasper            21.30kg            21.90kg       0.6kg increase 

Maddi           29kg                 30.55kg       1.55kg increase

Rez               24.50kg            24.60kg       Still growing

Martha          22.05kg            16.70kg       Still growing

Hugo            8.95kg              9.10kg         0.15kg increase pug

Oscar           10.05kg            10.10kg        0.05kg increase excellent 

Nell             10.90kg            11.05kg        0. 15kg increase 

Winnie         6.30kg              6.15kg         0.15kg no worries either way

Bobajob       39.15kg            37.80kg       1.35kg loss absolutely fantastic well done!

Louie           36.70kg            35.70kg       1kg fabulous well done

Esther          19.40kg            19.10kg       0.30kg loss yeh

Truffle                                  21.10kg       Will need to check records I think small loss

Tallulah                                6.65kg         On a par

Wobbily                               7.85kg         On a par

Willow       20.20kg             21.25kg       1.05kg weigh increase

Charlie       32kg                  33.80kg        1.70kg increase

Ember        27.10kg             23.80kg        Still growing

Sandy                                   6.80kg         on a par excellent weight

Fluffy         10.65kg             10.65kg       Wow haha

Archie                                  25.70kg        need to check records.

Rest to follow

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bad blog owner

I am such a bad blog owner as Fb has taken over, seems to me like you have to make an effort to write something with depth on here whereas Facebook is more of a conversation.

This month has seen quite a bit of change with four dogs moving on, I am safe in the knowledge they have wonderful loving families and lots of fun ahead of them.  We are in no hurry to replace them happy to wait for the right dogs to come along as we have such a lovely happy band of dogs I will do all I can to prevent this from changing.  A foolish thought that is though as we have little control over life!

Time marches on yet I feel we are lucky enough to want a fair wage for a fair days care, this also enables us to take less and focus more( not chasing profit margins), to enjoy our charges for however long we have them for.

With this in mind we are seeing such improvement in our young dogs with Tinks, Rez and Archie coming along beautifully with moments of sheer cheek and naughtiness but then we couldn't have them being perfect could we where would be the fun in that.  Even Fergal 'I really don't have to do that as I am Fergal' has improved and occasionally shocks us by his prompt interaction.

The likes of Harry, Molly Mc dolly, Montanna, Harvey, Charlie, Izzy and Bobajob are such treasures with moments of silliness I can't imagine life at Petnanny without them.

Poor Nanci hurt herself yesterday whilst out with her grandmar and grandad she gave them such a fright.  After playing and romping with another dog she turned sharply and fell, not being able to use her back end they had to go get the car to pick her up and managed to get her straight to the vet.  She seems to be improving and is having a quiet week so we wish her a speedy recovery poor lass.

It was lovely to see Ruby and Pixie out with Nanny Sam and to see them all recovering from losing Demi.  This job is the hardest job to do when you are going through stuff with your own animals and I applaud Sam for doing so so professionally and thank you to Alex for helping me keep an eye on Sam making sure she was supported during this time.  It means so much to me that we have a small support system in place each watching out for each other when it is needed.

I just can't do a blog without mentioning the weather.....whoa there can you believe we have good weather?!  As in dry, hot/ warm.


It has been sometime since I have seen so much pasty flesh on show and quite frankly I am putting it in the same bracket as Flies, Ticks and Sunstroke I can live without it!  Slowly our pasty skin is turning a rich and probably unhealthy tan colour despite my nagging to wear sunscreen, yet still I see VoLUMPtuous bellies glowing in the sunshine as we are out walking often belonging to workmen....what does that say about the work part of their job description?

My mind is starting to turn to our next charity event.  I have a big show to go to at the end of this month and once that is aside I shall knuckle down and plan our next moment of madness in the quest for money raising and owner humiliation, people may think dressing our dogs up for charity is degrading ....not so!  They are too busy having fun ripping their hard made outfits up and the humiliation is firmly at our door haha luckily we are a humour fuelled bunch so it washes over us.

The theme shall be Nursery Rhymes or Stories and I hope to be putting on a little show to raise further funds so hope you will all be there in all your glory, please make sure you bring a sense of humour and a big smile!  As soon as the dates and details are finalised I will let you know.