Thursday, 25 April 2013

What is the answer to my question problem?

I often pose questions on Fb asking people's opinion usually though the people who reply invariably talk about us when I want to discuss something in general.  I don't want to hear how much they love using us( well I am not sure you can hear that too often hehe) I want a discussion and some thought being put to the question.  You might know me, Sam and Alex but do you really know what happens with us or indeed other companies?

So what I want to know is how can anyone work out which ones are good dog walkers and which are not?

Many many people are very good at painting a pretty picture( I don't mean literally!) sell a wonderful product only to provide a far inferior service than portrayed.  Indeed how do you even know you are getting what you think you are.

It is very easy to post photos and talk the talk yet how do you really know?

When I take on new customers, despite most being send via recommendation, few if any ask for references, I always invite people along and even suggest they 'spy' on us for however long it takes to feel they genuinely are happy with what they get.

What else can you do?

I am curious.

The more I am in this vocation the more I hear that scares me.  Does one deed tar all?  If you know bad things happen and you know of people who let the dogs out and read a paper leaving them to their own devices, or don't even take the dogs out do you presume all in that profession are the same?

Recently we had left a muzzle on a dog in the van, something that we just don't do unless absolutely required and the customer asked us if we had and not to do it in future.  We could have sugar coated it, we could have blatantly lied yet our business is based on as much honesty as possible, it breeds trust.  So we owned up and problem solved.  No anxiety, no disgruntled moments just a simple request.

When was the last time you asked just where and when your dog is walked, how long he goes out for and how many are in the cage or car with him, the questions are infinite and most need answers, the real answers to the questions are often in what is missed out of the conversation or skirted around.  Do you believe them?

If you have never checked before why not now?

There is nothing nicer than an honest answer to confirm what you had hoped, a reliable service provider who cares and who provides what they say they do.

All we ask is for people to treat us with the same courtesy.....Honesty might not be the sweetest pill to swallow at times but it really is the only way.

Do you have the answers?  How do you know?

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