Friday, 12 April 2013

I dunno

I just don't know what I want the blog to do.

Is it for Petnanny or it a way of emptying my head?  It's not like it is a busy old site/ blog and there are people waiting to read it.

The ones I have enjoyed writing the most are about what I want to jot down to remind me when I can't remember if I had my tea or not.  SO maybe I will feel less obliged to be a good dog walker, good writer and good trainer and just be me.  I wonder if I can get that right cos you change don't you?!

I often feel a fraud am I who people think I am?  I have a need to share, yet what to share and what should be kept close to your chest is there a manual to say where that line is?

Yup I am gonna try an write for me and hope someone wants to read it.

I really dislike constant happy positive status updates.  That life is wonderful and delightful....does that mean I am a grump or a cynic or even both haha.  I feel like replying are you trying to convince me or you?

I passionately hate people who can talk the talk paint a pretty picture ( not of the art variety I LOVE people who can do that!) and make no effort to Do the job right.

Why is everything so middle of the blooming road?  Or outrageously outspoken..The world is a jumble of madness and I can't make sense of it.  There's a guy in the village( oh please don't him let him hunt me down) who tells me all about the real we are mere puppets playing our part in an elaborate game...he keeps tins of food stocked up and has survival strategies in place and at times more and more I find myself seeing the sense in it.  Show me some truth, nature at least is honest, brutal and blatant yet I fight against nature because it is brutal and blatant...

A lovely man I know died yesterday.  Friends of mine are fighting to get some normality in their lives with their bodies fighting to stay healthy and not succeeding at the minute.  Is it normal to just keep tiddling along wrapped up in a world that only you know?

Time for the blog I wanted to do if I can catch the thoughts before something pushes them out never to be found again.

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