Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Funny odd

Funny odd day today.

Wanted to work on the guys walking and calm happy thoughts so we headed to Ouston and you could tell it was frustrating them to not know quite what was coming.

A walk down the road is nothing new and they knew the park was in reach so bouncy bouncy they go. Occassionally they jostle only to be placed back to their place.....Bouncy bouncy they go.

With the park there in front of them the whiners start...Louie whinerador and Tallulah Mc Whiner, Tinks by now is attempting a record back flip record whilst Jasper bloody beagle is working out if he can pee on the grass tussock from underneath Flute.  So we stop in a flash Tallulah sits, woooooo.  Charlie gets it and sits too.  A couple we know one of which trains dogs rushes to pop their dogs on the lead and our guys ready themselves for fun and frolics.

Only impatience takes over.  Tinks barks at Nanny Sam who has dared to stand away from her, Jasper is trying to contort himself into an unbeagle like shape stumped as to why he of all dogs should be restrained( Jasper has a default setting set to ' I am Beagle God and should be obeyed you heathens).  Bobby spaniel is sneaking backwards to just test he is indeed attached and if he can succeed where Jasper failed....can he hit the tussock from here?

A lovely gentleman walks past and says hi with his little jack russell( looks like it has chihuahua in too) Patch.  Love the fact his tongue seems to have its own agenda and is completely unruly sticking out at the front and wobbling delightfully.  Off they go two friends out for a walk.

We let off Poppy feral who true to her name shot down to say hi to Patch but recalled instantly with a angelic look on her face little baggage haha.  Montanna's halo is firmly in place as they promptly toilet and have a bit romp about.  Mixing and switching which dogs are on and which are off is highlighting behaviour traits and we have the odd minor tantrum.....' my mammy is paying good money for me to have fun Nanny!' so we just wait which causes a little consternation with the couple who now have walked four times round the small park....I kind of wonder what they are thinking but I have an idea they must be wondering not just what we are doing but what I am thinking haha.

Now for the proper walking or at least it would be if it wasn't for the constant stops for locals asking all about our guys and gals two even saying they'd seen them on our vans.  Ooooh!

We failed miserably in the 'what kind of dog is Jasper and Tinks stalking game' poor hairy terrier went from a bassett to a bulldog then a spaniel, we really ought to put our glasses on next time, we can't live all our lives in rose tinted soft focus hehe.

The next group took less time waiting for calm at the park and the same amount of time out walking as all the local children made a game of working out what breeds and how many there were.  Mr Darcy if he were a car would most definitely be in the garage, with a serious left hand lean he doesn't do it out walking normally but walking on paths he certainly does.  Sandy's first dedicated street walking showed her up as a charger storming along like a little trooper though sausages went a long way to show her where I wanted her to be.  Wobbily is hard work on lead though massive improvements have been made as I am no longer walking a hairy spinning top thank goodness.

After discussions about petulance and good manners Duke was a treasure walking well and not fussing about who he was walking with.

All in all the walks went well and only Rez the destroyer put a dampener on the morning with a session of digging, ripping and chomping....he isn't the first and most definitely won't be the last.

It's so nice to be walking along proud as punch of our guys they make a stunning sight trotting along beside us occasionally punctuated with Tinks swearing and ' eeh you've got your hands full there pet' though the favourite today was....' would you like another one?  You walk them lot better than I can walk me own!'

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