Thursday, 25 April 2013

What is the answer to my question problem?

I often pose questions on Fb asking people's opinion usually though the people who reply invariably talk about us when I want to discuss something in general.  I don't want to hear how much they love using us( well I am not sure you can hear that too often hehe) I want a discussion and some thought being put to the question.  You might know me, Sam and Alex but do you really know what happens with us or indeed other companies?

So what I want to know is how can anyone work out which ones are good dog walkers and which are not?

Many many people are very good at painting a pretty picture( I don't mean literally!) sell a wonderful product only to provide a far inferior service than portrayed.  Indeed how do you even know you are getting what you think you are.

It is very easy to post photos and talk the talk yet how do you really know?

When I take on new customers, despite most being send via recommendation, few if any ask for references, I always invite people along and even suggest they 'spy' on us for however long it takes to feel they genuinely are happy with what they get.

What else can you do?

I am curious.

The more I am in this vocation the more I hear that scares me.  Does one deed tar all?  If you know bad things happen and you know of people who let the dogs out and read a paper leaving them to their own devices, or don't even take the dogs out do you presume all in that profession are the same?

Recently we had left a muzzle on a dog in the van, something that we just don't do unless absolutely required and the customer asked us if we had and not to do it in future.  We could have sugar coated it, we could have blatantly lied yet our business is based on as much honesty as possible, it breeds trust.  So we owned up and problem solved.  No anxiety, no disgruntled moments just a simple request.

When was the last time you asked just where and when your dog is walked, how long he goes out for and how many are in the cage or car with him, the questions are infinite and most need answers, the real answers to the questions are often in what is missed out of the conversation or skirted around.  Do you believe them?

If you have never checked before why not now?

There is nothing nicer than an honest answer to confirm what you had hoped, a reliable service provider who cares and who provides what they say they do.

All we ask is for people to treat us with the same courtesy.....Honesty might not be the sweetest pill to swallow at times but it really is the only way.

Do you have the answers?  How do you know?

You do housework we do body work!

I do chuckle at the idea that people normally have stuff like housework to catch up on when we have body work to catch up on.  Today we had a nail trim catch up and Minnie's usual ear trim, oh lordy she was not a happy little shiht!

We must video it some time as the noises that come out of her are pretty impressive, funniest of all she doesn't make the noises when we are plucking just before!  It has been so long since she has screeched on like a banshee so will keep an eye on her maybe it is just because she has had less of a problem with her ears so isn't having them done so often.

Very impressed with Martha and Tinks having their nails done, we were very sweet with them and made a fuss for their braveness.  Archie thought I was possibly going to torture him but soon realised I wasn't doing anything drastic.  Hunter and Esther were disgusted and if they want talons they will keep talons, foolish pups...we can't risk long nails when they get the walks ours do as they can pull them clean out of split them.  It still occasionally happens but it is at least kept to a minimum.

Everyone else was good and some like Charlie, Millpoo and Harvey didn't need doing:
Belle, Mila Leyla
Bobby spaniel
Molly Mc Dolly
Thought it would be a little mean to do Minnies haha

Friday, 12 April 2013

I feel cheated

My Smartie egg had no smarties in it.

There is something so very wrong with that and I feel cheated.

My hound ran away today, he didn't even deem it necessary to go faster than a damned trot.  It is just not right that I can train and have trained many many dogs and my dog laughs at my efforts.  Oh I can see it happening, the scenario unfolding and we play the roles perfectly.  It's not good for my inner peace.

I feel cheated cos they are meant to be a delight, to take away all your stresses.  A pal by your side that never judges you, always loves you and makes you a better human.  When in that lovely set up does it say it can turn you into a profanity spouting, neurotic inducing idiot?  When?

He trots, he sniffs stopping occasionally for a pee and a good old scrat just to show everone he the man.  I follow in the jeep resisting the bad voices in my head.  I stop he stops bemused by this new development, he has never been followed in a jeep before how terribly exciting.  I step out and at least find myself not weedling or screeching like a fish wife.

I use a useful trick to entice him toward me, a world of adrenalin inducing trip that only a frisbee/ ball or rabbit can produce and don't i just go and  fall at the last hurdle.  He came, wary about losing the freedom that drives his legs onward he even sits when I ask him and I throw it just far enough to catch him not the frisbee and I failed utterly oh I caught him but I shan't tomorrow I just set it up so I wouldn't.I put him in the jeep containing the rage, the disappointment that even overrides the smartie free smartie egg.  Why oh why didn't I throw the frisbee and play the game....give him the good feeling about being with me instead of giving him the feeling of being tricked and put into the jeep?

I am a muppet.

Should know better.

Do know better.

But hey I got the dog!

It isn't just me that inwardly groans at the thought of walking the dog.  You see all those perfect dogs walking with adoring eyes barely leaving the side of the owner that has all the answers....humph say I! I can't be the only one.

Bloody bugger.

It isn't all bad.  My other dog was very good today, he was funny giddy and everything it says on the tin/ breed standard.

And I have a rather large Galaxy Egg with my name on it so be gone you worthless Smartie egg.

I dunno

I just don't know what I want the blog to do.

Is it for Petnanny or it a way of emptying my head?  It's not like it is a busy old site/ blog and there are people waiting to read it.

The ones I have enjoyed writing the most are about what I want to jot down to remind me when I can't remember if I had my tea or not.  SO maybe I will feel less obliged to be a good dog walker, good writer and good trainer and just be me.  I wonder if I can get that right cos you change don't you?!

I often feel a fraud am I who people think I am?  I have a need to share, yet what to share and what should be kept close to your chest is there a manual to say where that line is?

Yup I am gonna try an write for me and hope someone wants to read it.

I really dislike constant happy positive status updates.  That life is wonderful and delightful....does that mean I am a grump or a cynic or even both haha.  I feel like replying are you trying to convince me or you?

I passionately hate people who can talk the talk paint a pretty picture ( not of the art variety I LOVE people who can do that!) and make no effort to Do the job right.

Why is everything so middle of the blooming road?  Or outrageously outspoken..The world is a jumble of madness and I can't make sense of it.  There's a guy in the village( oh please don't him let him hunt me down) who tells me all about the real we are mere puppets playing our part in an elaborate game...he keeps tins of food stocked up and has survival strategies in place and at times more and more I find myself seeing the sense in it.  Show me some truth, nature at least is honest, brutal and blatant yet I fight against nature because it is brutal and blatant...

A lovely man I know died yesterday.  Friends of mine are fighting to get some normality in their lives with their bodies fighting to stay healthy and not succeeding at the minute.  Is it normal to just keep tiddling along wrapped up in a world that only you know?

Time for the blog I wanted to do if I can catch the thoughts before something pushes them out never to be found again.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Funny odd

Funny odd day today.

Wanted to work on the guys walking and calm happy thoughts so we headed to Ouston and you could tell it was frustrating them to not know quite what was coming.

A walk down the road is nothing new and they knew the park was in reach so bouncy bouncy they go. Occassionally they jostle only to be placed back to their place.....Bouncy bouncy they go.

With the park there in front of them the whiners start...Louie whinerador and Tallulah Mc Whiner, Tinks by now is attempting a record back flip record whilst Jasper bloody beagle is working out if he can pee on the grass tussock from underneath Flute.  So we stop in a flash Tallulah sits, woooooo.  Charlie gets it and sits too.  A couple we know one of which trains dogs rushes to pop their dogs on the lead and our guys ready themselves for fun and frolics.

Only impatience takes over.  Tinks barks at Nanny Sam who has dared to stand away from her, Jasper is trying to contort himself into an unbeagle like shape stumped as to why he of all dogs should be restrained( Jasper has a default setting set to ' I am Beagle God and should be obeyed you heathens).  Bobby spaniel is sneaking backwards to just test he is indeed attached and if he can succeed where Jasper failed....can he hit the tussock from here?

A lovely gentleman walks past and says hi with his little jack russell( looks like it has chihuahua in too) Patch.  Love the fact his tongue seems to have its own agenda and is completely unruly sticking out at the front and wobbling delightfully.  Off they go two friends out for a walk.

We let off Poppy feral who true to her name shot down to say hi to Patch but recalled instantly with a angelic look on her face little baggage haha.  Montanna's halo is firmly in place as they promptly toilet and have a bit romp about.  Mixing and switching which dogs are on and which are off is highlighting behaviour traits and we have the odd minor tantrum.....' my mammy is paying good money for me to have fun Nanny!' so we just wait which causes a little consternation with the couple who now have walked four times round the small park....I kind of wonder what they are thinking but I have an idea they must be wondering not just what we are doing but what I am thinking haha.

Now for the proper walking or at least it would be if it wasn't for the constant stops for locals asking all about our guys and gals two even saying they'd seen them on our vans.  Ooooh!

We failed miserably in the 'what kind of dog is Jasper and Tinks stalking game' poor hairy terrier went from a bassett to a bulldog then a spaniel, we really ought to put our glasses on next time, we can't live all our lives in rose tinted soft focus hehe.

The next group took less time waiting for calm at the park and the same amount of time out walking as all the local children made a game of working out what breeds and how many there were.  Mr Darcy if he were a car would most definitely be in the garage, with a serious left hand lean he doesn't do it out walking normally but walking on paths he certainly does.  Sandy's first dedicated street walking showed her up as a charger storming along like a little trooper though sausages went a long way to show her where I wanted her to be.  Wobbily is hard work on lead though massive improvements have been made as I am no longer walking a hairy spinning top thank goodness.

After discussions about petulance and good manners Duke was a treasure walking well and not fussing about who he was walking with.

All in all the walks went well and only Rez the destroyer put a dampener on the morning with a session of digging, ripping and chomping....he isn't the first and most definitely won't be the last.

It's so nice to be walking along proud as punch of our guys they make a stunning sight trotting along beside us occasionally punctuated with Tinks swearing and ' eeh you've got your hands full there pet' though the favourite today was....' would you like another one?  You walk them lot better than I can walk me own!'