Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Why ouch?

I have just weighed my guys today.

Now I am delighted my two put some weight on with
Tips weighing in at 22.70kg
Flute 27.8kg which is great.
Phoebe are all in lovely condition
Harry is a little light again at 29.80kg
However not so excited at the rest.
Leyla a whopping and very worrying 7.4kg Small framed Pug
Mila is just as bad at 74.4kg St Bernard
Belle eeek 76.8kg St Bernard
Esther 20.5kg Springador
Lola 14.45kg  Puggle
Charlie 32.10kg Labrador
Louie 38.4kg Labrador
Bobby 39.7kg Flabrador
Truff 20.85kg Staffie cross
Megan 10.9kg Cookie monster I mean Cockerpoo!
Jasper 20.9kg beagle Detox, Fat camp and bootcamp needed
Sirus 33.05g dalmation a few more laps round the horse paddock
Harvey 23.80kg cocker( sprocker type) Fat camp needed
Hugo 9.10kg large Pug start on the salads hehe
Breeze 14.25kg working small cocker Ouch eek yikes Maybe more work less treats?
Montanna 33.80kg steady on lass think of your hips!
Nanny Caro 66.7kg whoa there heifer get jogging up them hills and lay off the biscuits, crisps, chocolates.....

Oh lordy Petnanny is going to be know as Fatnanny at this rate.

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  1. LOL - I always wondered how I who walked at least ten miles a day (several hikes a day with various dogs plus my poop scooping business) never seemed to lose weight (ok - food did come into it). But I am still more active than most people I know and I am still fat! And right now I am so freaking cold I don't even like to cook so I am rating about a meal a day. Grrr. Those dogs will unchunk once spring hits again.