Friday, 15 February 2013

What we and they eat

The horsemeat saga doesn't look to be slowing down and hope some good comes out of it.  Will it make more people buy from a local butcher where the supply chain is so much shorter and a fair price is paid for a product?  I have mixed feelings about horse meat.  My brain ( my heart screams no!) says it is fine we do eat cows etc after all and I am pretty sure from the animals point of view neither would like to be killed or eaten.

What I long for is for them to have good lives, as stress free death as is possible and some transparency in the processes. We have moved so far away from the realities of living we don't even know what meat we are eating.  I could do far more yet simple changes have made a difference in our household.  Bruce and I buy from a local butcher and we also buy direct from the farmer for our pig products and Sheep products.  We still buy some bacon and chicken products from a supermarket and rarely if ever eat ready meals.

Horses are often shipped thousands of miles from the uk to be slaughtered in terrible conditions abroad with different welfare standards to our own( and our own aren't that great) we have a horse surplus problem here as we do dogs and cats so why don't we just knuckle down admit to it and deal with it but like many things that happen in life we feel we can change little and what can one person do.  Would it harm to try?  I would rather see horses slaughtered and eaten in britain or abroad( as carcasses) rather than the current system of shipping them out.

Then we also have the allegations of euthanised dogs and cats in dog and cat food.  I have no doubts there are unmentionables in dog food and if it were 'clean product' I am sure dogs would cope they did after all evolve as waste product creatures!  What is very wrong is the fact that yet again there is no transparency, no way of knowing what medications any cull animal or roadkill or any other meat product that goes into the meat and animal derivatives bracket.

There are again fairly simple ways to get round this.

There is no set way how you should feed your dog, having the optimum food is not how dogs evolved so I don't fret about making sure they have the best at all times, I use some raw some dried some tinned, the raw can be interesting as my two will only eat certain things and I am notoriously bad for chewing my fingers when tired whilst dogs are well suited to raw food and is inherent risks if I don't thoroughly wash and scrub my hands it will inevitably end up in my mouth too( blurgh that and my dogs licking me haha).

How to help avoid any chances of Bobo eating Rover or Kitty?
Budget for your dog.  Dogs and cats cost money accept it and own it.
Buy as good a quality as you can but also if you can cook a few extra veg and don't waste your meat etc give it to the dog.  A little bit of stuff isn't going to spiral into disaster they weren't bred to have a balanced diet weekly never mind daily.

Check the back of your dog food:

Each batch of rendered product is labeled… according to its dominant animal source.  That’s why on a dog food label you’ll see so many ingredients that look like these…
Poultry by-product meal
Meat by-product meal
Fish meal
Animal fat

All are products of the rendering process.I personally worry about pet food being made by a confectionary giant ( Mars) or Pharmaceutical companies it doesn't sit right with me I want a food company to make dog FOOD!Anyway this is a complex subject and I haven't the knowledge to go into it fully but don't do any harm to think on.  Take five minutes and see what you can do.  Check those food bags and I am going to try harder.  I have a bit of a mission on to avoid as many Chinese products as possible.  From toxic ingredients, terrible welfare issues and for me personally many of the endangered animals are endangered because of persecution for tradition medicine and I don't want to help fund it.Oh lordy what next I wonder, when did we forget to keep it simple....maybe I should start keeping chickens and get a vegetable patch....BRUCE!

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