Thursday, 10 January 2013

Today I was not to be beaten!

A visit to the field is quite often the ultimate for our guys.  It is the one time we allow them to head off a little more, allow the poor recalling dogs time to practise safely and of course a larger group which often creates the most excitement.

So we pulled up and sure enough the squeaking started.  Hah!  I will fox you my little beauties.  With Sam facing the mammoth task of putting coats on the hairy beasties I started to sort who should go out with whom.

We made Murphy, Duke, Lola and Tallulah pooches in charge of pups.  Murphy and Lola shared the duties with Rez.  This was definitely a good move as Rez toned down a currently idiotic Murphy and Lola was perfect for Rez playful but tough, tolerant yet forceful.  The best part was seeing instinct take over and Rez stalked and pointed Lola never quite sure what he was doing just making shapes as his ancestors had done for tens possibly hundred of years.  Once all were tired and relaxed we swapped for Duke, Tallulah and Tinks with Elvis put on the tyre.

Popping an over enthusiastic, ignorant in ya face dog on the tyre may be a little unorthodox but we find it works. Elvis has this awful habit of slamming into dogs sides not aggressively but it is a very dangerous potentially lethal move and he hauls and hauls.  By working on his heel work he has improved immeasurably using a harness when on the tyre means he can pull haul and get some of his pent up frustration out of his system before he is given freedom.  Very like Roly the behaviour on the tyre is a barometer for how  and what he is thinking.  Using a halter muzzle on Roly is his barometer.  If he rubs it calmly we know he is calm but slightly irritated by halter but if he stands on his hind legs scrabbling frantically on his face we know he wants that halter off badly so he has free access to his mouth.  Whilst he rarely used his mouth he wanted to many many times.  So with Elvis when he is barking spinning and hauling the tyre back and forth he would be side slamming the dogs and being argumentative.  Once he pulls only how much you need to move Tug the tyre and greets everyone we know we can trust him off to learn even more about the right way to behave.

Duke is a sweet, opinionated ninny and needed work on shooting off shouting and yelling so after we worked on steadiness even before coming in the field we then got him to sit calmly whilst clicking the lead clip.  Most dogs that come to us run as soon as the lead is unclipped, the mere sound sending them off at high speed the only other sound to be heard is our shoulders plopping back in their sockets after being pulled out!

He did very well and shot off earning his nickname the flying tent as he flapped across the field in his cagool!

Tallulah's turn we were aiming for the impossible that illusive wonderful thing called a quiet excited Border terrier.  All went well her sit was good her stay good and she was quiet right up till the moment( ok for all of two seconds) she was released and she yipped off into the distance, sigh.....

Duke was seriously Grumpy once Tinks earned her right to come into the field ( indeed way faster than I anticipated) with lots of face pulling and cursing so we supervised heavily and soon he huffed and puffed and gave up and accepted his duties with amazingly good grace heading off for a run with Tinks alongside albeit about three foot away.  Harvey joined us not long after and he was told off for joining Archie's club ' Elvis needs to leave the building club'

Soon it was time to swap around again and we brought out a larger group who had earned their freedom together throughout the week.  Nanci was restricted at the gate so she couldn't wind her friends up and this did make her spit the dummy out and soon she was joined by an equally disgruntled Bobby who after failing to do a sit stay wasn't allowed straight in the field.  After Archie proved with Flute he was capable of recall and nice play he was allowed in and we had a lovely walk watching Montanna rough play with her new Beau Archie and Even funnier was Megan playing with Fluffy.  They play constantly together only this time Megan decided she'd had enough until, shock horror, Fluffy decided to play with Esther.  I have yet to see a dog do a turnaround so fast and Megan shot between Fluffy and Esther jealous of them playing haha.

This is already a long blog and so much happened it could be three times as long!  The over whelming thing today was they accepted it was a calm play day rather than full on blasting, considering it is only the first week back for some and second for others is very pleasing.

The last walk was a naughty dog or can't do much walk so Poppy who had been far too full of herself came out with Louie who simply couldn't wait and whined pushed and shoved in the van with truffle who needs a quieter walk despite no longer appearing stiff.  Lastly Sirus who has been completely planetary this week having him on a lead is like having a large spotted helium balloon.  

Sirus and Louie took the longest to actually get in the field but in they did in the end.  Louie shot in giddy with the fun he was soon to have only to find he was faced with a rather irritated Poppy!  Being stopped from pulling Sirus's line was nearly too much and she consoled herself by scoffing her daily allowance of food readily then tootled about hunting field mice.  Truffle was very happy to read her field heading off here and there finding out all she could stuff we can't even start to comprehend.

All in all it was a very productive day and thank goodness we know our guys so well and spend so much time with them!

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