Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Just a short blog today

Is that a hurrah I hear?

Today we wanted to work on the puplets who are going through the hideous hounds phase!  Tinkerbelle is currently the whirling, seething, no recalling hissy huff and Rez is the thumping, shouting hauling bowling ball......

As you may know by now we favour the lamppost method so we started with this once we got them out of the van.  Even that needs lots of time and effort.  Door open no coming out.  Hands reach forward no leaping with gay abandonment into those arms. Lifted out no leaping forth into thin air.  be placed on floor without backflipping setting off at nanny breaking speed and keep feet on the floor.  Lordy feel a lie down coming on.

This achieved we stand....lammpost like, one hand gripping tightly whilst being sensitive to any give in tension the other tentatively ready to bring forth magical goodies in the guise of Primula and Chicken.  They really are the most flexible little boogers and I revel in their ability to have at least four legs in the air at anyone time it seems.

Then it happens.

An impatient glance weeeeeeeeeeee clever puppy much fuss and all that and shove some chicken/ cheese into their mouths before their grasshopper minds return to freedom, running and just about anything other than standing by nanny.

We build this up into nigh on constant attention then we start to move or rather we try and move whilst still with their attention or at least some of it.

Rez was frustrated so he huffed puffed and jumped.  He launched, he yarked and he rolled over.  Tinks however was much feistier and she was mad.  It was like watching the crocodile death roll mixed with a freshly born lamb one minute rolling and plunging in temper the next gambolling about like it was the funnest moment in time ever.

We were really quite gobsmacked to progress to free time for good behaviour and in the end they had a great time we even managed a quiet stand together with Sam holding them and soon were ready to get back into a warm van for a snooze whilst thawing out.

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