Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Cinnabar wander and a training session

We headed to the cinnabar walk today hoping to have some mud free time, foolish ever hopeful people that we are!

Needing to put some training into the pups we brought out Tinks and Rez with Truffle joining us as Pooch in charge of Pups. Although she is a great one for play if taken out with the pups she is brilliant at just chilling, sniffing and ignoring bad behaviour.

The training started in the cages and the one receiving most of the training was Jasper BB who was trying to put his case as to why HE should be out first as He was in greatest need.  Once Tinks came out we left an indignant, disgusted Beagle huffing and puffing!  With a halter under the collar and the lead on the collar we stood at the beginning of the walk and waited....We call it The Lamppost.

She rolled around, she leapt up, cried, squealed then stopped "yay what a girl' we said and off she went again with much gusto only to stop again so we waited Sam directed Alex as I watched and she watched me then watched Sam then relaxed 'Yey what a girl lets go' and we set off on the walk.  With Tinks we just need calm, she loves food and is responsive but needs frustration control and to learn to be relaxed and less demanding to do this she needs to be taught as unfortunately it doesn't just happen.

Rez was much calmer though still jumping up at times though his recall and response to his name has really deteriorated so I worked on that sometimes calling him and rewarding him other times just stopping and letting him choose to come to be before calling him and having snuggles.  Truffle enjoyed her mooching loosening up her stiffness and enjoying having some sun on her back glad it was sun and not puppies haha.

Soon the walk was over and they were popped back into their warm vans whilst we unloaded the next guys.  Jasper volunteered his services again though with a look of mild hesitation only to find not only did he not get to go on this walk he was now Pooch in charge of Pups.  Did I see a glint in Sam's eye?

With Flute, Tips, Rossi, Elsie, Robbie and Tallulah amongst others it was going to be an exciting walk. Without doubt the priority is getting control early on( sounds obvious) so we faffed on taking photos with some on, some off and some having to pose oh the trauma how very dare we take up their walking time!

We met a couple of people and one lady took one look at us and scooped her terrier up and we carrie don walking with the dogs to heel.  She soon stopped looked behind to see if she was being hunted down my a pack of rabid dogs only to see them angelically by our sides whilst her little darling barked manically at us.  Made my day that she laughed and waved whilst I thought well at least she got her vocal little gobmonster up out of the way of our good guys hehe.

We say a marked improvement with the odd ball moment with Elsie not screaming blue murder and earning herself some primula( While we still had some) though needless to say Talullah the torturous was popped on the lead to dampen down her excitement.  Flute was good at staying with us and Tips only just stayed close enough to us though he ended up on the lead for leading Robbie astray( not that it takes much).

With me having a change of routine it was nice to know our guys mix and match so most of my guys were put back into Sam's Veronica and some of Sam's put in Alex's Hueghy without so much as a backward glance!

I left just in time to see Alex gather her pups up with Sam's ready for the next walk looking forward to hearing all about their wasn't long before I received a phonecall from Sam.  That always makes my heart go BUMP, has a dog hurt itself, run away or girls hurt themselves?  Ah no greed yet again struck our pooches and a certain black labrador lived up to their reputation for gluttony and had thieved the primula and scoffed it....amazing how a dog can ask to be helped over a style can hurdle a four foot tall barrier, battle through coats and dog walking paraphernalia and find a tube of cheese....grrrrrr Jasper is going to be joined on the naughty step for ever after he thieved Sam's much needed and longed for sandwich on Monday.

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