Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I just can't get the hang of how fast years are passing now.  Does that mean I am getting old?

Sometimes a break helps to see things, every day things, with fresh eyes.  You get used to the daly routines and ways of doing things and do you miss those special moments or it is just you get used to seeing them.

2nd January 2013......this is the fifteenth year of Petnanny.

Today was a great day to go to the field, let off some steam yet also still be able to work on issues if there were any.  Oh the greetings we got from the guys, just a delight I can tell you!  I had also arranged to have Kath come with some of her guys she runs the company JustfourPaws and I trust her judgement with her dogs which means mixing our guys a much easier affair.

This ended up being just what was needed, the distraction of new guys and gals whilst exciting didn't boil them over it seemed to dissipate the energy.  Their greetings were polite and friendly though we did laugh when they first came in Kath looked like she had turned into a maypole but very soon she had them settled and aware of more than just a field full of delight!

We mixed them according to temperaments and physical needs though Jess the Springer was overwhelmed she soon settled with more help Molly her house mate also a springer was enjoying he field to the full though she was less impressed with Hunter who couldn't believe he was surrounded by dogs very like his house brother.  She learnt very quickly to no run if he came near then head for Kath or the Nannies and after a quick stroke off she went again.

Jasper as ever dumped his usual friends for the excitement of newbies and soon had Lucy naughty lurcher running back and forth....oh lordy she is a smart one that one.  She is a run away and you could see it wasn't fear it was all about control and after ignoring her and leaving her be she soon joined the group and was easily caught up....the field can be a godsend for off lead work though it still takes a touch of bravery to do it.

A firm favourite with all our guys were Bobby the border, Rufus the cairn and Bonnie the labrador I don't think Bobby and Rufus's little legs ever stopped.

As for our guys Truffle and Esther were so excited to see each other and had a ball thrashing each other in their usual manner Winifred joined in for a short while but she was struggling to juggle watching her house sister and brother( a very important job you never know what THEY can get up to)and playing with Truff and Es so gave up and went back to watching the other two of the Wilkie Posse.

Bobby and Louie spent a lot of family time with each other with Bobby uncharacteristically managed to  outsmart, outrun and outdo Louie hilarious.  Poppy, Elsie, Stan and Rufus belted back and forth legs working like pistons and we did laugh when Rufus chose, of all dogs to be over the top with Poppy the feral one and she very quickly explained the rules of engagement, the field and play.....thank you oh feral one.

Izzy was given complete an undivided attention from the flying squirrel once he lost sight of Lucy lurcher that is...( she had run down the field somewhat bemused by a fast moving blonde blimp following her but she lost him in the long grass) Mind that boy has some impressive moves, she loved the neck nuzzling and when he started to lick her neck and ears she was putty.  He does love a long legged dog!  After being adored by him for one full lap I could see her interest in him was waining and she did look like she politely asked Bobby spaniel to remove him well whatever happened Darcy moved on and she felt she could breath again there is only so much love a girl can stand you know.

One our steadier walk Kath brought her spaniel Rosie and the lovely though shy Daisy, not wanting Belle to be over stimulated we brought her out with a less ( potentially) rowdy crowd.  Though a little wild she did very well and her and Winnie had a good blast though we have to supervise them heavily as pups often use their paws a lot and pugs have such delicate eyes and rarely a sense of self preservation.

I could see a difference in Rosie since she is now totally blind as opposed to partially sighted but it is impressive to see her out and about in a new situation with new dogs....oh I bet she is a wild one on familiar territory.  Nell stayed out on both full walks and it was lovely to see Daisy quite taken with her and yet in the same breath Nell teaches Belle manners with a sharp reprimand, not teeth just a impressive swear word.

Roly is continuing to improve and I was delighted to see how calm he was in very exciting circumstances hurrah for Roly.

Mick and Minnie were.....independent one day I will shock them and lend them my mams bus pass and I bet they would head off on a trip I can just imagine it, wonder where they would go!  Mick soon resigned himself to his fate as a trained dog despite Minnies best efforts.

Well we have a couple of dogs dropping days and potentially a dog coming on board after waiting to hear how we are fixed, once our guys are back into the routine I am looking forward to getting some work done on the pups before a newbie arrives.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year, I am sure many of us won't so lets hope we have the fortitude and strategies to cope and come out the other side intact!  Here's hoping we will share lots of fun and continue to reap the rewards of a system that works for all.....

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