Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Some days I set myself a task, I plan and work out strategies to cope with the scenarios I am likely to encounter.  Then I introduce the dogs and it is always invariably me who ends up learning the valuable lesson, me who is tested and me who has to review what I am doing!

Today was such a day.

I thought 'Right!  Today would be a great day to work on the usual patience in the van, waiting to be let out and using food to ask them to stay focussed on me.  Then allowed to run and play whilst I repeated the process.  Only the guys who aren't food orientated didn't care one jot for the food reward and bizarrely took it as a choice.  If you want food wait here or you won't get it.  If you don't want food then what the hell run!

Sigh, should have seen that coming.  Did you ever watch that programme with Calista Flockhart'll come to me....ALLY MCBEAL!

If you ever watched that programme she used to see an imaginary dancing baby.  Well I see an imaginary me running after the dogs, flying through the air cartoon style and rugby tackling them before starting again.  Oh to have special powers, not that I need them I just need to be at least half a step in front of these guys.

The field is a wonder as it allows us to iron out any issues or allow them and us some relaxation time.  I see the field and see a field of grass, birds, freedom and space to breath to have time to train without distraction.  They see the field as a heady mix of friends, frolicking and fun.

So Sam and I stopped and we heard it an incessant drone and squeak.  The volume levels are increasing, with Rez chewing the corner of my mat in frustration, a high pitched rarara from Belle desperate to be out playing with her new friends.  Oh Louie, Tallulah and Robbie they were squeaking and whining all at their own particular pitch destined to drive a saint spare.  Maddie was by now barking rhythmically and determinedly with Millypoo making the van rock with her bouncing.  My van was already gently moving to Robbie's frantic spinning.


We waited and they waited.  The frustrated increased their frustration as the good and sweet were let out to free play, sniff and stretch whilst we waited some more.

Soon they were out and a kind of calm descended.  They looked at us looking at them and the calm continued.  Until we brought out the food.  Oh much excitement as the food was shared all able to have some though taking everyones allergies into account made it look much like cardboard.  Despite a frenzied hunt for the food no bickering no complaining so we upped the anti.

We brought out the ball.

Madness descended.


Soon the vans filled up with squealers ( Tallulah, Jasper, Truffle)
Then the vans filled up with grumpers ( Harvey, Harry, Nanci, Poppy, Esther)

All was now a tentative calm.  Slowly Sam raised the throwing arm, mashed up soggy vaguely offensive ball balanced precariously on the throwing stick and they all turned into border collies dashing back and forth rounding us up and we waited.

And Waited

They stopped.  Even Wobbily Robbie.  The ball flew through the air and not a peep.  Not a grump and not a groan.

Ahhhhh this is more like it.

So I have a plan, I am going to have strategies in place to cope with possible scenarios that I will likely encounter.....wish us luck I recon we might just need it.

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