Thursday, 6 December 2012

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Everyday I write a little bit about the dogs on facebook.  You have a status bar that you can write in and tell people what you have been up to.  Only today I just couldn't seem to do this in a few words( most of you will understand why I rarely use Twitter how on earth do I say what I want to say in a sentence haha) so have written a blog tis not an exciting blog just one that briefly lets you know what the guys and gals have been doing whilst you have been working hard or stuck in traffic.

Well I have thoroughly enjoyed getting the pups out and about today....I do enjoy a change and it is great to see how it affects the dogs.  With having 22 plus miles to come before my main pick up area I used the jeep and I was impressed with how the little uns behaved though they did spent an awful lot of time standing on two legs watching out the windows occasionally navigating have they not heard of back seat drivers?  

My first walk ( well Petnanny walk I had my three out first thing whilst seeing to the horses then saw to the oldies and cats )was on a private estate which is always a treat with its own lake and stream they had a ball.  Charlie does enjoy the fact that Willow has three clingons( stalkers call them what you like they follow her every move loving her erratic movements and dashes here there and everywhere) allowing Charlie to run about snowploughing and rolling in the snow. Belle, Mila and Leyla were enjoying the cold brisk weather.  Watching Wobbily( Robbie) and Tallulah constantly flip themselves over trying to run through the snow caught in the tussocks of dried standing hay at times you couldn't see Tallulah for snow and hair!  Robbie impressed me with his rock steady stay it was so nice to send them home to their mum with a good report card.

Once dropped off I then took the two colliewobbles out for a quick toiletting moment and then time wrestling each other in the garden until an afternoon visit.

The next walk I hummed and harred about taking Elvis in the jeep as he is only just getting used to the van he surprised me by being settled and on his best behaviour with his seatbelt attachment.  On the walk however it was I that surprised him as he had no collar on and I couldn't find a collar, without my usual mobile dog supply store I used his own halter.   I never trust halters fully and I know he is a terrible runaway at home so thought it was wise to use a spare lead as a anchor to ensure if all else fails and he slipped the halter he would still be attached.  Oh wasn't that a good move!  A move he has obviously done a hundred times with good effect he lunged back slipped his right ear out of the halter and came to a very very abrupt halt.....flummoxed by the fact I was still very much attached to him.  He was an absolute angel for the rest of the walk and I wouldn't have been surprised if I had seen him shaking his head in shock!

We met a few stalwarts out walking their dogs and the usual professional dog walker vans here and there and I was proud our guys behaved themselves beautifully despite the excitement of the snow and at times the skating they were doing on the hidden ice.  Esther was completely on fire and Truffle and Esther were enjoying a bit sparring Truffle at first was a little reluctant as she was wearing her new onesie but soon forgot about it and off they went swearing and smiling at the same time.  I think the mood Esther was in was rubbing off with Bobby who was rabbit then hunter then rabbit though he decided the pheasant in the wood was a bit feisty looking and pretended he hadn't seen it before heading off at a gallop again chased by his favourite nephew round and round in the snow, Roly's little legs were a blur.

Oooh dogs are terrible tittle tattles and Rez definitely made me both shake my head and laugh at how much of a tearaway he is.  He was on the benches, chairs, me and tried to swipe at the coffee so he was a little miffed at me spoiling his fun.  He soon learnt how to get the cheese out of the kong by flinging it across the room I do love watching pups learn.  His walk was very uneventful and he was no impressed this Viszla may be all terrain he is most definitely not all weather!  I am sure he will be less than impressed at not being out in the nanny van but it is all good training and experience.  He will soon forgive me in a moment or two when I head back there to let him out for a widdle or three.

Sam makes me laugh as she is more set in her ways than I am and I am considerably older than her!  So with a heavy heart dreading the turn of events I think she was pleasantly surprised at how good the dogs were on her first walk with Megan and Belle playing well, Stan, Suzy, Nanci and Elsie having fun as ever.  Seeing two deer walk infront of her in the van made the snow all the more christmassy so off she went to walk the next guys and gals….my last phonecall to Sam was interrupted by her telling Murphy yet again that she did NOT want to go Great Dane Skijorking so could he and Fergal stop being complete muppets and walk nicely please!  I look forward to hearing all about that walk before heading back to see to the pups as Winnie has just been spayed so on restricted exercise and obviously Belle needs more opportunities to toilet.  Suzy often needs more wee's being an older lady.

Alex had a lovely combo of Fluffy, Hunter, Bobby, Breeze and Archie.  Bobby is diabolical near home so he enjoyed a less than wonderful leader walk, such a shame he couldn't wouldn't sit or walk nicely to heel!  Hunter was babysat by Breeze who took it all a little too seriously and insisted on no running or even jogging!  Hunter took it all in their stride and they all partook in a bit of doggy snowploughing a sport that all dogs flat faced or otherwise seem to revel in.  Fluffy and Archie were a delight firmly placing themselves in Alex's heart with their funny little ways.

Well it is time for me to head off again soon oh I have enjoyed my cuppa and I hope Kim has a great weekend with her two louts being very unlout like with a bit of luck!

I would like to thank all who volunteered to do Mammy and daddy day care with their guys that weren't working or working from home.  I really do appreciate you all taking us into consideration.

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